June 6, 2018

I believe that every servant of God dreams of having a local church that is responsive, enthusiastic and aggressive in responding the word, dynamic in following Spirit guidance, and rooted to the truth in applying the word in their daily life. However, such congregation does not come into existence out of the blue. We need to cooperate with Holy Spirit, the builder the congregation, so God’s heavenly pattern and design could be applied within His church.

1. We need consistency in the senior leaders

As a leader of the people, I have to clearly understand every reason why the people must be built into a congregation that is rooted to the truth, enthusiastic in responding God’s word and direction, having the openness to follow Holy Spirit’s dynamics, and aggressive in becoming doers of the word.

By having a clear understanding, I won’t change my direction in building the people regardless of the numerous opposition or hindrances. Even when many church members feel uncomfortable or disturbed in my attempt to build their quality, I will keep walking with full convition!

2. The people needs to be conditioned to experience the work of the word and Spirit in their life

In every service, I keep conditioning the people to experience breakthroughs corporately. Slowly but surely, their heart starts to open and they have a sincere acceptance towards me. The people started to trust their leader.

With the people’s trust, I could have the freedom to guide them to always experience ‘open heavens’, and to always interact directly with Holy Spirit’s dynamics. Since the people start interacting with Holy Spirit’s dynamics in a service, in an instant, that divine dynamics start to manifest permanently in every service that is held.

The people’s daily life becomes increasingly open and responsive towards every activity and dynamics of the Holy Spirit. The more the people becomes responsive towards Holy Spirit’s guidance, the more their life is positioned to function as His holy temple within the society (2 Cor 6:15-16, Rev 21:3-4).

A congregation which is rooted to the truth, enthusiastic, dynamic, aggressive and responsive is a healthy, strong and quality congregation.

3. Once a pattern is built accurately, ‘mass production’ could be easily realized

It took me years to build Breakthrough City Church’s members to become rooted to the truth, enthusiastic, dynamic, aggressive and responsive. However, for other local churches, they don’t need to take a long time to build such a congregation!

What the local leaders and pastors need to do is only to bring their church members to BCC to observe and interact with the congregation.

It took years to build BCC’s members to become rooted to the truth, enthusiastic, dynamic, aggressive and responsive because there was no such congregation in Indonesia before. Therefore, BCC church members still need to fumble in their inexperience. Until at one moment, God revealed the blueprint for His church, and the people’s spiritual eyes were opened. They start to understand the accurate decisions they should take to become a congregation that is rooted to the truth, enthusiastic, dynamic, aggressive and responsive.

Today, churches that desire the same spiritual dynamics like the one God has revealed in BCC will find it easier to build. They only need to see what God is doing in BCC’s members, and emulate it. The people’s association will result in impartation.

I pray for the dynamic of the word and Spirit to become more and more real in the life of every church members. #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus