June 7, 2018

Before God could use someone to realize His plans, He must firstly reshape the person’s life. This shaping process is vital and must not be avoided.

Some ministers could suddenly be taken down by the enemy in the middle of their ministry. Usually, this is caused by them avoiding their process phase, and also their attempt to take shortcuts to promotion.

1. God processes a person’s life because wordly pattern is still found in them

Undeniably, however spectacular someone experienced God’s calling, usually they still carry certain worldly pattern/flesh/human nature in their mentality and lifestyle.

When not addressed compoletely, the pattern of this world/flesh/humanity could hold back a person or even lead to their downfall while they are functioning optimally for the Kingdom of Heaven. The enemy could still find gaps in the servant of God’s life, enabling them to hinder the ministers and take them down easily.

God is willing to bring every believer that He will use through a phase of reshaping. He wants to make sure that no worldly pattern is left for the enemy to exploit. The problem is, many people choose to ‘run away’ from this shaping process to chase their ambition to be ‘used by God’ quickly.

2. God shapes His servants through His word and Spirit, and by using various people and situations

When someone has a heart that thirst and hunger of God and His word, they will have the openness to change whatever aspect in their life that is still affected by the flesh/worldly pattern. It’s enough for the Holy Spirit to reveal the word and give them understanding; the person will quickly repent.

It’s different when someone loses their hunger and thirst towards the truth. It doesn’t matter how Holy Spirit speaks – whether through the person’s own conscience or through other people He sent – they will tend to harden their heart and continue their inaccurate way of living. So oftentimes, God is ‘forced’ to use various uncomfortable situations/circumstances, and irritating people to ‘crush’ the person’s ‘hardening’ heart.

3. Going through the process of shaping will carry someone to have a healthy and balanced knowlege of God

This applies to both the shaping through the work of the word and Spirit that makes someone realize about their inaccuracy, and the shaping through painful crushing process. All of them are aimed to bring the person to encounter God personally, or to experience the revelation of God that will condition their lives to become a message for their generation.

a. A healthy and balanced knowledge of God will bring a person to recognize their new identity in Christ

When Holy Spirit carries someone to see God, their spiritual position will shift; they will know their new identity in Christ (1 John 3:2). For example, when God revealed Himself to Moses and called him to face Pharaoh and deliver Israel, He revealed Himself as Moses’ overseer and all-sufficient provider (Exodus 3:13-14). Since that day, Moses has a different quality of life. God used Moses to deliver Israel, and He supernaturally provides for whatever Moses needed!

b. A heathy and balanced knowledge of God will bring a person into maturity in Christ

Living life as a servant of God to represent Him accurately in our daily life needs a different quality and maturity compared to those who only want to be involved in spiritual ministry. Moreover if we function as a leader who must guide and cover many people (with all kinds of background and problems), we certainly need a different level of maturity.

A man may grow old, but it doesn’t guarantee that they are maturing. Someone’s maturity will continuously grow when they encounter God and start to inherit the mind and heart of Christ.

c. A healthy and balanced knowledge of God will activate the power of grace in a person’s life

This is the power of grace which will bestow a person with various skills. This will enable them to function without any struggle. They will be similar to a fish entering water.

d. A healthy and balanced knowledge of God will help a person to recognize the working power of grace in others who are walking in the same destiny as theirs

To deliver a strong impact over cities and nations, we need to collaborate with others who are walking in the same destiny. Without a healthy and balanced knowledge of God, people will always tend to compete with their brothers who are actually pursuing the same divine purpose.

In short, without entering the phase of shaping that leads to a healthy and balanced knowledge of God, a person won’t become a blessing, but a stumbling block for others. #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus