June 8, 2018

Until today, many Christians still harbor the wrong mentality. They quickly turn their eyes towards people who are enjoying their phase of promotion. Meanwhile, they don’t want to know anything about their process of shaping and the trials they have went through.

1. There is no promotion without process

Whenever God promotes someone, He will surely process and reshape their lives first. God wants to personally encounter them, making sure that their heart attitude is accurate and their conviction unsakable. All His process is aimed to guard the person from quickly losing their promotion or even ‘becoming destroyed’ by it.

Sometimes God allows someone or a group of people to be promoted, even though they haven’t gone through process and trials. This is possible due to the factor of connection with someone who serves as a source of grace (Daniel 2:46-49). Regardless of all, the phase of process and trial could never be bypassed!

For those who are enjoying promotion because of their connectivity with a source of grace, God will bring them through a phase of process and trial – the same one that their source of grace has gone through. The purpose is to enable them to maintain the promotion they have received (Daniel 3:1-18).

2. The phase of process and trial is to condition people to transform in their nature and to become doers of the word

God wants to transform the nature of every believer who are going through their prophetic journey. Without the transformation of their nature, every promotion has the risk of damaging those who receive it. That’s why, before God promotes a believer, He will do a process of dismantling in their lives. He does so in order to transform their nature.

The easiest way for a believer to transform their nature is to position themselves as a doer of the word. God will always give His word to facilitate our transformation of nature! Bring the word that God has given as a material for meditation and prayer in tongues. Through our prayer, we are ‘downloading a certain (spiritual) program’ into our lives. When the spiritual dimension of the word is imparted into our lives, we could just become a doer of that word right away – just like a baby fish able to swim automatically.

3. Failing in process and trial will delay one’s season of promotion

True, the God we worship is a Father who always gives a new chance for His sons. However, in the end, a wrong decision could delay the realization of God’s agenda in a person’s life.

Someone could fail in the process of shaping and trial because of their wrong decisions. Usually the wrong decisions they make will lead to more wrong decisions, which in the end will make them ‘circle further’ from the center of God’s will in their life.

The only way to redeem our mistakes is to make the right decision extremely! For example, someone made a big mistake by amassing wealth through the wrong ways. To ‘cut off the chains of destruction’, the person must do the right thing, and do it extremely! Zaccheus is an example – he cut off the chains of inaccuracy in his life by returning the wealth he amassed up to four times the amount (Luke 19:8)!

And so I pray for however many people who are reading this daily devotion. I pray for you to start taking the right decisions. Even though there are phases of process and trials that you must go through, I pray for you to be able to pass them because you decide to become a doer of the word. #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus