June 8, 2019

This message is the continuation of yesterday’s message


2. There will be increase of capacity and increase of depth level of our spiritual man

The level of living water in believers must keep increasing (Ezekiel 47). I got a simple ilustration to describe it, like an empty tank which is installed with the WATER PUMP (dynamo), then the water will fill the tank and level of water will quickly increase. When the pump is off, the water will stop in a certain level. Because the water keep being used, then it will run out.


So, if you want to keep having the water, you have to keep pumping it. Not only the tank will be FULL, but even more than that it will also OVERFLOW. This overflow fills others’ empty tanks that are connected to it. Our lives will be flowing the living water to peoples around us.


Make sure the spiritual dynamics in us are always burning every day, so that the level of our living water will keep on increasing, never decrease. The more we devote ourselves in training our spiritual man, the activity of SPIRITUAL DYNAMICS and CAPACITY of spiritual man will also be enlarged.


The larger the pump is, the faster the tank will full. One day, the tank must be enlarged so it can accommodate the capacity of the pump. And so on.


The bigger the tank of our lives, the more water overflows will be, so it can fill many empty vessels around us. It means the enlarged capacity of the spirit will position us to have a greater influence on many people. God will also make us to be people who are increasingly influential, renowned, and respected.


3. Along with the spiritual dynamics that keep being increased, we need the work of the spirit of hunger and thirst to work in us more than before.


Like someone who has just finished his exercise passionately, in a long duration; he needs more food and drink to restore his lost energy and also to form the muscle mass. The heavier the training portion is, then the more portion of food that you will also need.


This is the good news: when we build the spiritual dynamics that keeps on increasing, then the LEVEL of HUNGER and THIRST of God will also INCREASE sharply. The level of “needing GOD’ will grow stronger each day.


Unconsciously, we are carried by the Holy Spirit to have a greater and deeper level of connectedness and dependence with God. We automatically changed to be a person who increasingly ATTACHED TO FATHER!


The psuche’s life fades away, because THE THRONES in our lives are no longer controlling by our emotions, wills and personal desires. That throne is seated by Holy Spirit right now. The anointing inside us (1 John 2:27) will PUSH us to pray, worship, read bible, begins to guard us from every flesh contamination, and also there is a desire to be the doer of the word. No longer have to be forced or just as religious routines, but indeed there is a desire to know Him more deeply (Philippians 3:10)


Bios’ life also fades away because everything that is pseudo, which is inaccurate and unproductive begin to get replaced with divinity. The Spirit will lead us to fix our inaccurate lives. When we respond to the work of word and spirit, we will brought to live in the DIVINE TERMS because Holy Spirit controls our lives not Self anymore (2 Timothy 1:7)


The king of Self is defeated. God’s Kingdom and His truth rule in our lives. We are ready to manifest our lives as SALT and LIGHT OF THE WORLD. Amen #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus