June 9, 2021

Every time we feel a negative emotional turmoil or an inner conflict emerges when hearing, seeing, or facing something, it only shows that there are certain areas in our soul that are still incomplete – there are areas of our lives that still carry the ‘looks of this world’ and enemy’s seed. That is why certain situations, conditions, or people easily bother him. The enemy will always take advantage of every crack that is still not closed with a spirit of repentance that invites the work of the power of Jesus’ blood and the word.


Without continually focus on building accuracy in life, one will always have enemies who periodically trouble one’s life. The enemy will always ‘search’ every inaccuracy that is still in our lives, then use it as a ‘subject’ to accuse us before God. Satan will always demand God to lift the ‘protective wall’ that He has been set on the life of every believer. The goal is definitely so that Satan has the freedom to disturb, harass and even destroy the divine life that we have built.


However, we are grateful for His faithfulness and loyal love for us. Even in our inaccuracies, God limits Satan’s space in our lives. As new creations, it is normal to have no ‘past’ that bothers our present life, that potentially ruins our future.


1. Have openness and honesty before God concerning the negative emotional turmoil that we are having.


Tell Him everything and casting all our anxieties on Him (1 Peter 5: 7). Pray in such a way until we receive His words and promises again. Speak His promises until our hearts blazed. Keep our inner state to continue in a stirring state.


2. Position ourselves spiritually as someone who has died with Christ – a person who is ‘dead’ cannot feel anything anymore.


One of the reasons we still can feel negative emotional turmoil is because we are ‘still alive in that area’ (Romans 6: 4-5, 11). Our present life is as a ‘new creation’, as distinct persons, who live only according to His word for our lives (Galatians 2:20).


3. Accept God’s words, judgments, and thoughts regarding the situation we are currently facing.


Meditate on His word! If necessary speak to ourselves as a prophecy so that it can directly affect our subconscious.



Ps. Steven Agustinus