June 10, 2021

In the book of 2 Kings 2:14 telling how Elisha imitated Elijah in striking the Jordan River. This supernatural event cannot be separated from the existence of Elijah who lived and served before God’s presence (1 Kings 17: 1).


1.  The heavenly reality and the new world reality are the reality of the presence of God Himself.


Heaven is in Him and that new world of wonders is also in Him!


2. Never be tempted to pursue a miracle that could happen.


Pursue and serve God personally, then the miracle itself will ‘pursue’ you.


3. Continue to meditate on the Word.


The awareness (the knowing function in the spiritual man) of our new identity in Christ and personal knowledge of His existence will activate the function of worship and adoration of God in our spiritual man, so that it can continue to flow from inside of us (John 4: 23-24). Make sure our lives are filled with His divine love. Whatever we will do in the future has to be born out of that divine love.


4. From a living and healthy fellowship with God, whenever we face a daily life situation that is ‘contrary’ to the divine design that God has revealed, we can ask the Father to take an action related to it.


It is from fellowship and prayer or intercession that commands and directions from the throne room will emerge for us to work on in this outer realm. It was from this dimension of fellowship and intercession that Elijah received the mandate to punish Ahab (1 Kings 17).


5. The supernatural dimension that a servant of God has brought in his life and ministry will be accessible and re-manifested by accepting and acknowledging the existence of God in the life of the servant of God (2 Kings 2:14).


Learn to recognize any time a servant of God begins to move in supernatural power. If we can ‘see it’, then the same spiritual dimension becomes imparted in our lives and is ready to be activated so that it can manifest in our lives and ministry. #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus