June 8, 2021

When we are in deep prayer and worship, it is the ideal time to restore our subconscious mind.

Make God the only center in our lives and love Him more than anything and anyone in this world. When we build our subconscious mind accurately, our life will be filled with peace.
The contaminated subconscious mind will become the place for the spirits of the world (especially the spirit of anxiety) to intimidate us. The spirit of anxiety is one of the most effective spirits of the world in destroying and contaminating believer’s life. How can the spirit of anxiety be sown as a seed and multiply in someone’s life?

1. Whatever we experience in life (especially bad experiences) can be a ‘gateway’ for the spirit of anxiety.

Unless we already have a ‘safety fence’ in our minds which stated that we have a good Father who always watch over and only allow good things to happen in our lives.

2. When people (especially parents) advise children from a negative point of view, those children will store seeds of anxiety in their subconscious mind that can grow under the right circumstances.

3. The seeds of anxiety that have been sown into people’s lives through other’s words will immediately be stored in their memories and waiting for the right moment to manifest itself.


4. If those person are experiencing a similar situation as they has heard from others, then that is the right time for the spirit of anxiety to manifest itself.


The spirit of anxiety will come out of their memory and ‘hijack’ their imagination, and make them see all the bad possibilities that might happen (the spirit of anxiety ‘shows’ and ‘forces’ them to believe it).
The principle of faith will always work in people’s lives: ‘whatever you see may happen to you in the future, will affect your present life and will surely happen in the future’. The problem is that what we ‘see’ will happen in the future comes from the spirit of anxiety and is definitely something we do not like.
This is the time for us to only see or pay attention to the things that come from the Word of life. Although it seems impossible, but eventually it will come true, because He who speaks the Word is a faithful God and is able to do all things. #ILoveGod
Ps. Steven Agustinus