March 11, 2019

This morning when I prayed (made declarations), I felt the flow of the living water so strong. The flow of the living water is the work of the word and the Spirit that works in believer’s life when they are making declaration in prayer or worship. The flow of the living water will purify us from impurities and blockages due to the work of the spirits of the world. We often think that when there is problem, we have to pray for the problems so God will take control and bless us. However, I realise that God always blesses the people, not the problem. If the person experience breakthrough, then his problem will be solved.

When we experience breakthroughs by having the flow of the living water in our hearts and minds, we feel the burning of the work of the word and the Spirit in our hearts. Then the flow of the living water will flow from our lives as the Bible says, “wherever the rivers go, every living thing will live” (Yeh 47:9). Every area of life needs to be flowed by the flow of life. Our prayers will flow divine life throughout all areas of our lives.

I find that all aspects of life need to ‘flow smoothly’. For example, In health, if a person’s blood vessels are blocked, it means there is a problem. He needs to do something in order for his blood to flow smoothly. Blockages in bloodstream can cause serious problems and can end in death. At least he needs to exercise or if the blockage is bad then he needs to do certain medical treatment. If the blood can flow freely, then he will be healthy again!

In business,  an entrepreneur is happy when his business goes well. From dealing, production lines (whether in services or goods), product delivery, and payments all work well, so the business cycle works smoothly. From the employees side, they also expect their pay checks to come every month. A demo will happen if their payment continue to be delayed, until they can get their full payment.

In education, a teacher is happy when all students can understand what he is teaching. Students are also happy when they can get good grades, it means the learning process works really well. If a student has difficulty, he or she must have a hard time to follow the lesson.

In a relationship between a man and a woman, if their relationship works well then their relationship will lead to the next step, a holy covenant (marriage).

There are still many other examples …

It is very important for us to build a lifestyle, that perseveres in praying in the Spirit and making declaration over the word of God, so our spirit men will always experience the work of the word and the Spirit. Everyday we must have the flow of the living water or the burning of the work of the word and the Spirit! Then God will make us blessed, accompanied and anointed people!

God always provides whatever we need, however if we are ‘clogged’, we cannot receive it, and we can no longer feel His presence in our lives. This is like a closed bank account, no matter how much money will be transferred, it won’t receive it since the account is closed or invalid.

When we can no longer feel the flow of the living water, it means we are ‘clogged’ by the enemy! The sign is when we feel empty in prayer, discouraged, have no desire to pursue God; or when we are filled with fear, intimidation or pressure in life; and we feel that we are the only one who experience those things. We have a hard time to pray since our minds are filled with those bad things. When that happens, do not stay still! That is a sign that the enemy is blocking the flow of the living water in our lives.

Genesis 26:18 And Isaac DUG AGAIN the wells of water which they had dug in the days of Abraham his father, for the Philistines had stopped them up after the death of Abraham. HE CALLED THEM BY THE NAMES WHICH HIS FATHER HAD CALLED THEM. 

Take active actions like Isaac who dug back his father’s wells that had been blocked by the enemy. Through overflowing prayer in tongues we can dig back / get rid of all the spiritual blockages that have been carried out by the enemy. Pray strongly in tongue until we receive impressions and when we already feel ‘full’, declare it.

Continue making declarations until we understand what we are praying for. When we are done with our declaration, continue to pray in tongue until we receive another impression and make another declaration. Keep doing this until we feel the flame of the Spirit. That is the sign of the work of the Spirit in our lives! If there is the work of the Spirit, all blockages will be cleansed. The awareness of God’s reality will begin to surround us.

Learn to align our spiritual frequency with our spiritual father’s frequency: take down our inaccurate basic belief; begin to take the word of God and spiritual principles from our spiritual father; steadfast in it until we experience transformation in minds (Romans 12:2); and our minds no longer contradict with the principle of the word delivered by our spiritual father. When we begin to adopt what our spiritual father believes in, we will see the same promise, and He will be with us as He is with our spiritual father. Let it be done in Jesus name!

Ps. Steven Agustinus