March 12, 2020

I found that the prophetic action to shout, dance and jump – declaring God’s victory when spiritual conditions are ‘squeezed or oppressed ‘ would always succeed in ‘turning things around’.


1. Whatever the daily conditions that we face, God always provides a victorious spirit to make sure our lives are distinct.


What it takes is merely an act of faith!  No matter what emotional turmoil we feel, the act of faith to declare the triumph of Christ on the cross by dancing, jumping and shouting will condition the rise of the dynamics of the Spirit and reactivation of victorious spirits in our lives!


Don’t let ourselves linger in much negative emotional turmoil; when we are ‘trapped or imprisoned’ by various bad events and negative emotions, immediately take active action to free ourselves!  Allowing ourselves to linger in negative emotions will cause our own selves to be imprinted to carry the frequency of this world.


Our active actions to carry out acts of faith – shout with joy when there are negative things, dance before the Lord God when being hit by negative events, jump when being in negative emotions will always make us have the working of victorious spirits;  with a victorious spirit in our lives, whatever negative conditions we face are easily conquered and changed to be beautiful!


This is the time when we always swallow Death – no matter what it’s form or degree – in His victory!


2. Dances, shout with joy, and jump in God is a spiritual weapon that God provides for His people.


The daily life that we live in is actually spiritual warfare.  By all means – using evil days, difficult times, evil arrows, evil world systems or wicked people – The enemy will continue to try to steal the joy and peace of the lives of believers!


Everyday life which is full of gladness and rejoicing is actually the right of every chosen people of God!  And that is what the Enemy continues to steal or rob from the lives of believers. Hence, it is not appropriate for God’s people to lose joy or victorious spirit in their lives – never consider that to be normal!


When the enemy steals peace or joy from our lives, immediately take action to use the spiritual weapons that God has provided: Shout in joy and dances!  Do an act of faith promptly!  Start dancing and shouting!  Keep doing it until we feel the flow of living water in us overflowing and filling our hearts.  Do not stop too early, continue to ‘immerse yourself’ in the surge of joy and dances until our whole mind is fully restored – He restores my soul!


Enjoy and live your life as chosen people who are determined to always be filled with the spirit of joy, the spirit of breakthrough and the spirit that are victorious in everything!  #ILoveGod


Ps.  Steven Agustinus