May 14, 2019

This is the continuation of yesterday’s message.


2. Make a comparison between God’s word and facts & data.


When we’ve decided to believe more in the word, take the existing facts and data, then compare them to God’s word! If the difference between them are still very far, it’s not necessarily a bad sign. Instead, it can become a clear ‘marker’; we know what to fight against!


Now, disregard the facts and data! Start to FOCUS your eyes upon His word. Start to MEDITATE the word. Dig the understanding of the word. Extract the spiritual facts contained within the word. Start to PRAY based on the word. This is where the ROLE of OUR MOUTH becomes vital; when we declare the SPIRITUAL FACTS within the word in PERSEVERANCE, we are influencing ourselves to BELIEVE more in His word! When we persevere in speaking the word, our convictions will start to be built, slowly but surely.


Use our IMAGINATION to SEE when the word promise starts to be fulfilled in our lives. While imagining, keep declaring the word until OUR SPIRIT IS STIRRED ABLAZE. If we still find it difficult to see the fulfillment of the word promise, keep declaring the word until the enemy’s veil covering our mind starts to be torn apart. That’s the moment when a glimmer of HOPE comes, “Hey, that promise is truly for me!”


Keep speaking the word promise while imagining its fulfillment until our spirit is set on fire. It signifies that Holy Spirit is sealing the prayers we are lifting!


3. Keep declaring the word until a new conviction is established within us; one that is contrary to the old convictions.


When we do this in perseverance, we will see a new conviction rising up, like a solid wall built to resist the old. In the past, we may be tossed to and fro by facts and data, but now, we could firmly drive them away! A new confidence starts to rise within; we believe for sure that our declaration will come to pass!


In turn, we will stop looking for ‘easier alternatives’ and start to believe that the word is the only conviction we must hold onto. That’s the moment a new conviction starts to be established.


The more we persevere in building our convictions, the more our mind is able to BLOCK every humanistic and worldly philosophies/thoughts crossing our mind or entering our ears. It’s like a body immune which could resist the virus of the Devil and the words of the revengeful!


Slowly but surely, the content of our conversation, imagination, and declaration will start to be different as well!


Corinthians 4:13 (NASB) But having the same spirit of faith, according to what is written, “I believed, therefore I spoke,” we also believe, therefore we also speak.


Even our conviction will start to become a FOUNDATION for our thoughts, words, and actions! If in the past we do something out of worldly and humanistic considerations, now we do things out of our conviction and true identity. We start to believe that God is with us; we carry the authority and power to become sons of God because we receive His word (John 1:12)!


Somehow, boldness and freedom starts to rise from within our spirit. We could pray and speak so freely and ‘loosely’! We are no longer pressured by facts and data. We start to experience freedom; we could express the spirit of victory that God puts in our heart!


I believe that God keeps releasing the work of His word and Spirit on the church right now. His Holy Spirit is working to fix our convictions and rebuild our true identity in Christ Jesus!


Respond to the work of His word and Spirit, and have your victory as part of the body of Christ! #iLoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus