March 14, 2019

When I examined the characteristics of the 7 nations we need to defeat, I found a red thread in the way they operate. All of them attack one area in our life; the MIND.

I also found the way to become a doer of the word in subduing the 7 nations. It is by making sure that I am transformed in my convictions and thinking concept; making sure that the mind of Christ is built in my mind! I must take captive every thought that the world has molded into my mind and make them obedient to Christ (2 Cor 10:5).

While meditating the practical steps to subdue the 7 nations, I found the following things:

a. Hittites: terror, intimidationanxiety

I find that terror, intimidation and anxiety come in the form of voices to pressure our mind. So, I believe that the key to subdue the Hittites is to use my mouth to declare the Word, thus silencing the work of this spirit.

For example, this Hittites sounds the anxiety about finances. At the same time, the Word reveals that God is a good Father who has provided everything I need. The Word becomes an ‘ammunition’ for my mouth to declare.

Another example, I feel intimidated when I receive a greater responsibility. The voice makes me feel too small to do great things. However, the Word reveals that I could do all things through Him who strengthens me. This truth becomes an ‘ammunition’ for me to declare.

I realize more and more about the importance of persevering in the Word. Because I always need ‘ammunition’ to subdue every terror, intimidation, and anxiety. And I could only receive that ‘ammunition’ through the Word revealed by the Holy Spirit when I keep digging and studying the Word.

Without persevering in the Word, I may have the most ‘high-tech’ weapon (my mouth), but I couldn’t do anything because I don’t have any ammunition (the Word).

b. Girgashitesdifficulty in believing the Word, always focused on natural facts

The power of imagination is an effective weapon to subdue the Girgashites. Holy Spirit revealed to me that I must re-train my mind because it has been molded by human reasoning. This is done through activating the area of imagination in my mind; by imagining/seeing the fulfillment of the Word I receive.

As new creations, it’s normal to utilize our reasoning and imagination as weapons of righteousness. They can be used to support me in accessing various miracles and spiritual dimensions.

So, I believe that the way to subdue the Girgashites is to build the habit of imagining in detail every Word I read or listen to. Imagination could bring me to access an unlimited world!

I find that when I imagine the word, I’m actually liberating myself from various limitations of the human reasoning in my mind. By continuously imagining the word, my mind will ‘get used to’ in seeing God’s greatness and might in my life. In turn, the spirit of faith could work freely to build a strong faith in me. Then, whenever I see natural facts that are not aligned to the Word, what I automatically see is the God who is able to fulfill His Word and promises, not the others!

To achieve this, I need to be consistent in disciplining and training my mind to imagine the Word. I believe, when I’m consistent in imagining the Word, and complement it with declaring the Word and internalizing the Word, I will enjoy a life in His world which is full of miracles.

The natural facts that the enemy usually use to puncture my faith in God now loses its sting. Because now, my mind no longer harbors thoughts against the divine/supernatural things that God could do! #iLoveGod

This message will be continued tomorrow

Ps. Steven Agustinus