March 16, 2020

This message is the continuation of the yesterday’s message

We are discussing about the seeing eye, the hearing ear and the obedient heart. And our discussion focuses on the existence of Isaac as written in Genesis 26.

1. Make sure the rivers of living water keep overflowing from within us.

Rivers of living waters are easily recognized from us: radiant face, smiling mouth, sharp and enthusiastic eyes, and vibrant body gestures – this is the description of the life vitality. Indeed in our daily lives, things could happen and make us upset, angry or disappointed. But don’t linger on that thing instead immediately arise and overcome the spirit of sorrow with a victorious spirit! That’s true it sometimes takes time but do something, act ACTIVELY is the keyword. Because the world spirits always attempt to make us passive or surrender in a negative meaning.

The word GERAR in Genesis 26, taken from the original word “gârar” (read: gaw-rar) which means dragged away by it! Don’t ever let us be dragged away by the current of this world so that we are disconnected from the presence of God! Have an active spirit and keep stirring the spirit life within us until rivers of living waters flow more swiftly. So we can FIGHT the work of the world spirits and overcome them in victory.

3. The enemy always attempts to hoard the rivers of living waters.

The enemy is always jealous of our lives that God is always with us and we try to fulfill God’s plan; thus the devil through his work is always ‘excited’ to attempt to hoard the rivers of living water in our hearts with SOIL. Soil is a picture of earthly things, human conditions that the enemy is attempting to hoard in our lives. Indeed in the creation, man consists of two elements. One is SOIL of the ground and another is SPIRIT (Genesis 2:7 – NET).

If we are successfully hoarded by the work of the enemy, the rivers of living water in us as a description of a spirit life will be clogged and the connection or our relationship with the Father is disconnected. That’s when our mind, emotion, perspective and decision-making become so human and worldly. From ‘a living spirit’ we are dragged away to be a ‘living thing’. When we become a living thing, we are no different from others.

THE DIFFERENCE between Isaac and the Philistines is although they lived in the same land and experienced the same dry season but God was with Isaac and there was always the work of the Word and Spirit that made Isaac lived in the world of God. It caused Isaac and his family always be surrounded with peace and anything he did God made to prosper!

4. If we are hoarded by the work of the enemy, immediately overcome it by DIGGING BACK the pile until rivers of living water flow again from within our hearts.

Recognize if we have been ‘clogged’. We start again to think humanly and have no hope or faith. Our emotion is not happy anymore, easily angry, offended, disappointed, covered by various inner conflicts. Our mouths start to complain, murmur. Our faces look gloomy and our gazes are empty, frustrated or bursting out the negative emotions. If this thing happens means the enemy has successfully hoarded the rivers of living water in our lives.


Start to use our mouths to pray in tongues while we hear ourselves speaking. Make sure we focus until the awareness of our surrounding is changed by the awareness of God. If we start to feel like penetrating (a breakthrough) no matter how small it is and we start to receive an impression or reminded the Word principle then start to declare it or the impression that we receive in Bahasa or the language we speak. If we are done with the declaration, start to pray again in tongues. Receive the Word and declare it again. Do it repeatedly until our hearts feel relieved and there is an overflowing surge of water coming back from our hearts!

This is naturally the condition of our daily lives as believers. Keep experiencing God’s inclusion, make sure there is always a continuous river of living water that is getting swifter day by day! Experience it and keep guarding the flow of His Spirit every day. Hence we experience the victorious condition in our daily lives. #ILoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus