March 21, 2020

As I pondered about the ‘power of prayer’, I suddenly remembered the story of Elisha who gave a command to Naaman (the captain of the army of the king of Aram, but he was also sick with leprosy – 2 Kings 5). The time will come when the God’s church begins in contact with the leaders of the nations. They will come to ask for prayer (because they hear the power of prayer working extraordinarily in His church) so that they will directly experience the miracles of the power of prayer. What does not exist becomes exist, and what is impossible becomes possible. The church will arise not as a religious institution, but as an institution from the Kingdom of Heaven that brings the power of prayer from a high place.


But for all of these could happen, then the pathway of death must be passed. The church must die from self-love, love of money, and love of the world; and must be free from all forms of inner conflicts. So there is a real resurrection in the power of prayer. And God’s church must be ‘clear’ from all interests! There is only one which is the interest of the Kingdom of Heaven. The aroma of the death of flesh must be smelled very strongly in His church.


I become aware, it turns out our positions and existences in manifesting the power of prayer are still far from the standards that God should have set. We are not yet at the level of the dimension of the power of prayer which determines the destiny of a nation like in the time of Moses, Pharaoh became a ‘witness of the power of prayer’. Even the fate of the Egyptians was determined by Moses’ prayer. It only could stop with a prayer that was offered by Moses. Likewise in the time of Elijah, the ‘weather’ was determined by his prayers! And there were many more manifestations of the power of prayer that accompanied the heroes of faith in the past.


But apart from that I feel the Holy Spirit saying in my heart: “I am pouring out the spirit of prayer to return to my church and bringing my people into the dimension of prayer that is powerful and able to change the nation’s future! The power of this prayer will answer the end-time challenges while creating great warfare in the spirit, and closing the gates of  hell upon a nation. ”


Now this is the time to connect ourselves with the sovereignty of God’s power through prayer. This is the time to raise our hands to Him and experience the wonderful and miraculous power of prayer! #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus