March 22, 2020

This morning, in a prayer, I felt that there have been ‘spirit of frustration, boredom, exhaustion, religiosity’ that keep circulating in the spirit realm. There are so many people which are being ‘clung to’ by those spirits. So they start doing their activities humanely without fervently divine dynamic in their heart and hope of tomorrow.


Immediately Holy Spirit reminds me to the principle of building the spiritual man. Certainly, it must be practiced every day. If not, then our spirit will be easily polluted and finally our lives turn to human again.


Holy spirit speaks in my heart: “Keep praying strongly in the spirit until the rivers of living water be burst profusely, every day, even before we start our activities in the morning. Fight in the spirit in order to burn our spiritual man. Do not be careless or slow in practicing these principles. Do it in all circumstances. That is the urge of the Holy Spirit. Although there is no urge, it doesn’t mean that Spirit doesn’t encourage, Spirit has made this as a statute. So there is no more need of urge to do it. Practice it, that is our part.


I feel that the familiarity spirit is starting to ‘invade’! Don’t abandon the principle of building the spiritual man. If we are not aggressive in praying fervently, then the wiles of evil will aggressively attack our spirit. There is an alarm that has rung in the spirit, it’s a warning. There are so many people who are trying to leave the principle of building the spiritual man (praying fervently until something happens) for several reasons they feel that worship calmly and speak softly is a choice that makes them ‘comfortable’. And the congregation begins to be ‘sluggish’ in there. Be careful! Building a worship doesn’t mean that we leave the principle of building spiritual man. Be careful and be aware of the enemy’s deception.


This is the time for us to rise up again in the power of  the Spirit and put on the mentality of an athlete, soldier, and farmer!! They are persevering people! Disciplined! And having strong stamina! That is what we must practice and do. Pray aggressively until something happens. Practice to build spiritual man diligently – every day. That is what makes us free from the attacks of the spirit of passivity, boredom, and religiosity or various other devil’s deception.


Our days of lives must be fervent with the dynamics of the Spirit and the reality of God’s presence. That is who we are in Him! We are a life-giving spirit! #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus