March 26, 2020

This morning there was a statement that the Holy Spirit said in my mind: Start the day with a blazing spirit, live the day with a blazing spirit, and end the day with a blazing spirit.

I made what the Holy Spirit said above to be a statute in my life. So that I will do anything for it to be fulfilled. I will pray in the Spirit until my spirit blazed, I will declare the Word until my spirit blazed, I will worship until my spirit blazed.

In any case, I will make sure my spirit blazes! When I wake up in the morning, I will pray fervently, wholeheartedly, all out. As I go to do my daily activities, I will also use the available time to pray fervently, wholeheartedly, all out. And before going to sleep, I will pray fervently, wholeheartedly, all out until my spirit blazed.

I became aware, when we interact with Himself or His Word, our spirits are supposed to be blazed. It is a certain thing. That is a form of divine impartation from God Himself (Revelation 19: 12-13).

Then the Holy Spirit reminded me again: Remember, what has made you rise, maintain and keep it up. If building a spiritual man has put us in a certain stature, therefore we must maintain that divine lifestyle. Never leave it!

I felt like there was a new and burning passion in my spirit for me to build my spiritual man fervently, wholeheartedly, and all out. I will concentrate to pay attention to my spirit man, I will focus on that.

For me, the lifestyle of building a spiritual man is a spiritual inheritance and a precious ‘treasure’. So I will keep it for the rest of my life, maintain it, and practice it! I am so grateful the Holy Spirit reminded me; what has made me go up (by building spiritual man) is what I will continue to maintain!

This morning my spirit was burning in love with God. I felt like in a new divine atmosphere. I believe this is a new spiritual season for me. A Breakthrough is happening in the spirit! There is no life better than abiding in the shadow of the Most High (covered by His presence). This is what makes Psalm 91 a part of our daily lives. #ILoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus

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