March 3, 2020

It turns out that to build the awareness of the Holy Spirit and to live more divinely or please God’s heart; it all comes back to ourselves. Shall we ‘SET OUR MINDS ON THE THINGS OF THE SPIRIT’?


Romans 8: 5 (NKJV) For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit.


Thinking of the Spirit actually is a very fundamental thing. I could say that all the principles of practicing the Word and the lessons that we have been learning based and ends to ‘SET OUR MINDS ON THE THINGS OF THE SPIRIT’. It is a key of growth of our spiritual life. Because what we think determines what we experience!


I understand now why are there many Christians keep experiencing up and down, living in humanity and flesh? Yes, because they keep setting their minds on the things of the flesh, devil and sin. Why are there believers who live more divinely? Because they think of the Spirit, the work of the Spirit and Word! Actually it’s that simple the lives that we must live!


Proverbs 4: 23 (ERV) Above all, be careful what you think because your thoughts control your life.


But the problem is, to think of the Spirit is the battle that we often experience. There is always ‘other thought’ that makes us ‘drifted’ in contemplation. Or distracted or disturbed. So that without realizing what we are contemplating is no longer focus on God and His Word. That’s what we need to overcome! This is where usually the ‘great battle’ we will experience –that is the battle in the area of mind! For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but all the influence of flesh and worldly spirit that has been trying to ‘mold’ our lives.

If we want to fight, wrestle or struggle earnestly or consistently to win over the battle (to control our minds with the Word) then our lives will experience the manifestation of Christ and the victory in all aspects! Remember, it’s better to fight, wrestle or struggle to control our minds with the Spirit and His presence, instead of ‘struggling’ in our everyday lives. For you to know, God promises us a straight path and the life that is always victorious!


Isaiah 26: 7 ((NKJV) The way of the just is uprightness; O Most Upright, You weigh the path of the just.


Proverbs 4: 18 (NKJV) But the path of the just is like the shining sun,
That shines ever brighter unto the perfect day.

Those two verses above are still a small part of the verses that state the promise of a great and miraculous life with God. Not to mention if we see Deuteronomy 28, Psalms 1, 23, 91 and many more. All of that is the form of God’s promise for us as people who are accompanied by God. Always victorious!

Personally Holy Spirit reiterates: “Let focus on setting your mind on the things of the Spirit, wholeheartedly on this aspect”. Struggle to direct the focus of your mind and the inclination of your heart to meditate and speak the Word. Don’t be passive but meditate on the Word as many as possible until our hearts stir and burst the streams of living river within us.

Just focus on this thing: “If your mind is controlled by the Word (overflowing and your spirit stirs) at the same time I (Holy Spirit) will rule over you. At that moment your life will declare My Kingdom on this earth.”


Ps. Steven Agustinus