March 31, 2020

John 1: 4-5 (NKJV) “In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.”


This morning (March 2, 2020), Indonesian social media was in an uproar after the announcement of 2 Indonesian citizens who were confirmed Covid-19 positive. Despite the Minister of Health has made it clear that not all people who have had close contact with a sufferer will automatically become sick – to stay healthy we must ensure to eat healthy foods, ensure that the body’s immune system remains strong and following good hand hygiene practices: wash your hands frequently and thoroughly.


So, don’t get panic, or afraid or worried even more, Don’t be paranoid!  Keep building our spiritual men; make sure our hearts stay blazing – burned by the power of the Word and Holy Ghost. In His Word, there is a divine life that makes us have a stature above all turmoils on earth – including the threat of the Coronavirus!


Darkness (including the Coronavirus) cannot overpower the light of the Divine lives in the chosen people!  Instead, the light will shine in the darkness!


I have heard the testimony of a man of God named John G. Lake. He received many revelations of the Word about life as a believer that manifest the life of Christ in daily life. During his missionary work in Africa, he once gives himself to be a volunteer who takes care of residents of a village affected by a plague of infectious diseases (whether smallpox, ebola or pestilence?).  Easily that deadly virus can be transmitted to others and at that time there is no anti-virus that can be used to reduce the number of deaths.


Even though there are no medical facilities to protect him, God’s servant, John G. Lake, do not show any symptoms of being infected.  This causes great amazement from the medical staff who take part in handling this outbreak. And when they ask John G. Lake directly, he replies: “It is because there is a life of Christ in my life! This deadly virus cannot live in my body because of the life of Christ!


Finding fellow nurses and doctors can not understand what he is saying, John G. Lake ask for a nurse to take a saliva sample in one of the patients then examined under a microscope.  Under a microscope, the activity of the virus is visible. But when John G. Lake asks the nurse to put that saliva onto his hand and check again under a microscope, the nurses and doctors find that the virus is dead!


O people of The Lord, get ready! This is time for us to rise in the power of the Spirit to reveal the light of God in the world around us!!


Isaiah 60: 1-2 (NET) “Arise! Shine! For your light arrives! The splendor of the LORD shines on you! For, look, darkness covers the earth and deep darkness covers the nations, but the LORD shines on you; his splendor appears over you.”



Ps.  Steven Agustinus 


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