March 5, 2019

In the past few days, Holy Spirit carried me to understand the process of the enemy’s deception. This deception binds a ‘normal’ person into various addictions such as drugs, smoking, pornography, free sex, gambling, gadget, etc. These deception-induced addictions drag the person so far until they have all kinds of mental/psychological disorders. It turns out, all of these are results of the Devil’s deception in the person’s mind.

1. The Devil lives in the spirit world and he knows those who are already captured in his deception

Holy Spirit showed me that those who are already in the control of evil spirits often feel oppressed mentally or emotionally. Even some are in control/possessed by certain evil spirits.

The Devil also knows those who are yet to be snared or controlled by his deception. Every time the Devil meets someone who is ‘still sincere’ (outside of his control), he will quickly make them his target of operation. Patiently and carefully, the Devil will keep observing that person until he founds an opening to enter and influence the person’s thoughts.

2. Whenever there is an opening in a person’s life, the Devil will straight away exploit it to sow the seeds of deception

Not everyone has an opening in their life to be exploited by the Devil. Oftentimes, the Devil needs certain ‘traumatic’ incidents which leaves a ‘wound’ in the person’s soul/emotions. Then, the ‘wound’ could be exploited by the Devil to infiltrate and sow the ‘tare seeds’.

Life incidents which potentially create wound (and finally an opening for the Devil) come in various forms. It could be hurtful experiences such as being betrayed by those closest to us, being abused, witnessing violence against those whom we love, murder, etc. It could also be disappointing conditions, rejection, feeling unworthy, etc. The end-result is to make the person feel unworthy to receive God’s love and forgiveness. Finally, it makes the person doubt God’s love and faithfulness.

3. The Devil’s method to snare someone into his deception is by attacking/influencing their mind (thinking pattern)

The Devil will never be able to rule over a person as long as they never surrender their lives to be in his control. That’s why, the very first thing that the Devil will do is to look for those who ‘have wounds’ (which create an opening for the Devil enter). Then, the Devil will sow the ‘tare seeds’ – negative thoughts and feelings. These seeds are aimed to blur the person’s mind, so they won’t be able to think according to the logic and principles of God’s word. And finally, their decision-making becomes inaccurate!

The Devil could only ‘rule’ over those who’ve been swallowed by his deception. They are those who now ‘voluntarily’ surrender themselves to react negatively towards every life incident. They take decisions which will throw them deeper and deeper in the pit of destruction.

The various false thoughts that the Devil has sown will be ‘confirmed more and more’ by many other negative incidents that seem to keep coming. This will make the person fall deeper and deeper into the Devil’s destructive deception.

There is no other alternative, all of the Devil’s deception in a person’s mind and thoughts could only be destroyed through prayer & spiritual warfare! The type of person who has started to ‘have faith’ in all the enemy’s deception will never be transformed through ‘approach of love’ or counselling ministry alone. Because the person has been ridden by the Devil to such an extent, that they start to adopt the Devil’s evil nature that is riding their mind and life. The person could now sin or do transgressions without their conscience rebuking them anymore!

Only the power of prayer could destroy all chains and shackles of the Devil’s deception in a person’s mind and transform their life. #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus