March 7, 2019

Sometimes we find it easier to get answers from God when we pray for others who still live in sin, while when we pray for our family members or someone close to us who live inaccurately, it feels like our prayers just ‘stuck’ to the ceiling. One of the reason is because when we pray for our loved ones, we still hold a grudge/pain that we have not resolved before God.

1. All troubles in our hearts will hinder our prayers

From many records written in the Bible, I find that all troubles in our hearts that caused by disappointment, conflict, etc. will disturb our communication/fellowship with God (Matthew 5:23-25, 5:43-48, 6:12, 18:21-35). As long as someone still holds a grudge against others, surely his prayer will be hindered; especially if a husband holds a grudge to his wife (1 Peter 3:7). In short, all kinds of troubles in the heart must be resolved before someone begins to pray.

2. Understand this principle: the power to bind and to loose is in our mouths; but our mouths operate based on what works in the heart!

As long as our hearts are still full of conflicts, our hearts will never issue blessings. God commands us to pray for those who do not live accurately (live in sin), so God can give them life (1 John 5:16). The reason why someone continues to live in sin is because he is pursuing worldly life (Bios), but through prayers raised, God will give him grace. God is willing to give divine life (Zoe), so that with full awareness, he will leave his worldly life. Who wants to pursue the glory and pleasures of the world if he has been brought by the Spirit to taste and enjoy the reality of heaven?

This is the reason why our hearts must be free from conflict, disappointment/pain. When our lives are restored (no longer a broken vessel), we will never lose the divine love that God poured out on us. On the other hand, the divine love will overflow from our lives through prayers and declarations.

When we interact with people who still lives in sin (especially someone who adopts sin nature in their lives), they do not need to be told what to do or to listen to lectures. All they need is sincere acceptance and understanding that expressed in words of love. Usually the more we tell them what to do, the more they harden their hearts. But when we continue to ask God to fill our hearts with His love, and ask for His divine love to cover our hearts, so we won’t feel sick of  all inaccuracies but instead we begin to feel the divine mercy that is in God’s heart; so that our response or action when interacting with those people is sincere and out of love. The overflowing divine love within us will touch their lives and soften their hearts, so that the Holy Spirit has the opportunity to work in their hearts!

Ps. Steven Agustinus