March 8, 2020

This message is a continuation of yesterday’s message

1. God always needs someone’s life that He can use as His representative on earth.

When Jesus wanted to ‘introduce’ His Church, there was Peter who God could use to experience the dynamics of the work of the Word and the Spirit and to state the dynamics of revelation about the work of the Father, the Son and the Spirit that became the basis or the foundation of the authority and stature of God’s Church.

But we found that even though the Father could use Peter to speak about the dynamics of the relationship between Him, the Son and the Spirit that are the basis of the stature and authority of the Church, Peter easily turned back to have a ‘fenceless’ life to be used by the Devil (Matthew 16:21  -23).

In order to experience the work of the dimension of the Word and the Spirit as the Church should have, it is needed God’s servants who want to live in the death to the flesh (Matthew 16:24). Therefore, The Church once more will reveal divinity, accuracy and victorious authority in daily life.

Without the willingness to live life in the death to the flesh, we will find no servants of God who are ‘entrusted’ by the Word from the throne room to seal the foreheads of other servants of God (Revelation 7: 2-3). Whereas this seal on the foreheads of God’s servants is really needed to ‘ward off’ the various disasters and plagues that have spread on earth – ensuring the righteous continue to live victoriously and are ‘above’ everything that happens on earth (Revelation 9:  1-4).  The dynamic revelation of the Word and the Spirit experienced and enjoyed by believers determines the stature and level of authority that they carry in their daily lives.

2. Giving yourself to be used by God is easy, but giving yourself to be a representative of God, requires the molding process by the Hand of God

God can use whoever He wants – sometimes the person is not aware that he is being used by God to realize a certain purpose.  However, that ‘used by God’ things have a time limit or purpose;  if the purpose of God has been fulfilled and God no longer ‘needs’ that person, then he/she will be ‘casually like’ taken away from the ministry field or ‘stage’ of God’s plan fulfillment.

It is a different story while being a representative of Heaven.  All the required qualifications, which are divine and condition a person living in accuracy or in harmony with the agenda of the kingdom of heaven must have been built sturdy!

It takes the built-up pattern of heaven – willing to empty themselves just like Christ (Philippians 2: 5-11) in the lives of people who want to be representatives of Heaven!  It takes the servants of God who have inherited the mind of Christ and live their daily lives according to the measure of faith that God has set for them (Romans 12: 2-3, 1:17)

Those who continue to give themselves to experience the work of the Word and the Spirit that make them always hungry-thirsty for the truth and reality of God will find how the flesh, humanly and physical life will slowly but surely be more and more disappeared’ from their lives, replaced by divine nature that makes them more alive in the divinity of God!

We are indeed still living in this world and still ‘wearing’ a physical body consisting of blood and flesh, but actually, we are a New Creation!  Our existence as a New Creation consists of the Spirit and the Truth (John 3: 5-8, 1 John 3:19).

Those who represent heaven are those who have lived life as heavenly beings – have a daily life built on the foundation of His word!  (1 Corinthians 15: 45-49).  #ILoveGod

Ps.  Steven Agustinus