May 1, 2017

When someone enters the season of God’s molding process, the spirit of thanksgiving will function like a ‘lubricant’. It will help them to go through whatever they have to face with a victorious spirit.

1. God Himself commanded us to give thanks in everything (1 Thes 5:18)

The spirit of thanksgiving will impart meekness our spirit. Therefore, we could go through our process without bearing a ‘hard heart’ that must be crushed first.

The crushing process of a hard heart itself takes a long time, painful and is difficult for certain people to go through. Some people needs to go through the same molding process over and over before God allows them to continue their journey on a new level.

When our spirit man starts to adopt the God-given spirit of thanksgiving, something happens. Without knowing, we are positioning ourselves to receive the revelation of Him as a sovereign God. Through our thanksgiving, we admit that regardless of the process we have to go through, He is still our good Father who will always watch, care and strengthen us through it all. At the same time, we also admit that He is soevereign! We take faith that He still guides us in His sovereignty through all our molding process. We believe that His sovereignty will also carry us through our process victoriously!

2. The spirit of thanksgiving resembles a declaration of faith which draws the future to enter and manifest in the now

When someone give thanks, God is training them to fix their eyes to the fulfillment of God’s promises in the future, and not towards the physical facts before their eyes (which usually contradict God’s promises).

When someone keeps on giving thanks, their spirit man will stay stable, unaffected by the various negative emotions and the work of worldly spirits. Rather, their life will slowly but surely function as salt and light; they will produce positive impact to their surrounding and to everyone who interacts with them. Their mouth will keep speaking positive things that they believe will work for good according to God’s purpose. They won’t allow any negativity to manifest through their mouth, words, tone, facial experession, etc.

Without knowing, those who keep giving thanks are constantly cleaning themselves from the influence of worldly spirits. They are building a godly life quality – through their daily life, Holy Spirit could move freely and fully.

I pray for every reader of this daily devotion that are going through their process. Let God pour out His spirit of thanksgiving, and let it merge with our spirit, and mold our nature. Let Him enable us to give thanks in everything!

Be a person who always give thanks, and experience the sovereign work of God’s hand – He will position us to be victorious in everything! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus