May 1, 2020

1 Corinthians 13:13 (NET Bible)

And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.


The true life of Christianity is greatly influenced by those three aspects: faith, hope and love!


1. To live in faith, we must first reconnect our lives with the presence of the Father in heaven, because He is the one who can give His word; and His word is the main element of faith (Romans 10:17).


The role of the Holy Spirit is very important here, because only He can bring us to the Father. The Holy Spirit also brings the word into our lives and through the work of the Spirit in us, the word will be planted and grow into a seed of faith in our lives.


Having a life of faith means we begin to trust God’s word about aspects of life more than outward datas or facts (which are different from the words we received from God). We are aligning every step in our lives with God’s word. We discipline ourselves to take necessary steps to consistently make decisions based on what we believe (words that come from God). Even though it is not easy, but we must persevere in His way. The act of persevere will make us live in His divinity and a world full of miracles.


2. Our hope will be strong like a rock, if we keep ‘scrubbing’ our lives with His word until our hearts feel burned inside.


The bible says, hope is like an anchor that goes behind the curtain. It makes us feel sure and safe (Hebrew 6:19).


When our hope increase, we will have joy and optimism in our minds, emotions or souls. In contrast to those who always keep burdens and negative emotions, their lives are ‘vulnerable’(easy to feel despair, failure, helpless, etc).


The only way to break the cycle of defeat in their lives (since the enemies have succeeded in stealing their hope) is to renew their minds by the work of the word! We, as believers, will always live in the fullness of hope when we discipline ourselves in meditating the word!


The work of the word in our lives will make us feel safe, sure and optimistic which will make our emotions or soul healthy.


3. When we maintain our personal fellowship with the Father, we can have and grow the aspect of love (that is mentioned by the Bible as the greatest of the three) in our lives.


We must keep our personal fellowship with the Father through prayer, worship and reading the word of God. By having the hunger and thirst of God and always cling to Him as ‘the true vine’, we will have the flow of divine love in our lives which can reform our personalities and become new in Christ. And at the end, we will fully adopt the nature of Christ and manifest it in our daily life.


Love is expressed as ‘the greatest of the three’ because even when a person loses hope or faith, as long as he still has a heart that loves God, then when he rebuilds personal fellowship with God, he can renew his faith and hope!


Have a heart that always loves God. A heart that is willing to let go everything for Him, to believe Him even when it doesn’t make sense, to die from self. Make sure to set our hearts only in His truth and our lives overflow with: Faith, Hope and Love!


Ps. Steven Agustinus