May 10, 2018

Every time we celebrate Christmas, our focus is usually geared towards all the celebration and festivities in the preparation and events – we rarely focus towards the coming Savior/Messiah Himself. Without knowing, our life priorities start to shift as well. We no longer focus towards God as our number one priority, and start to make our selves as the center!

  • We start to listen more to the people’s comments about our Christmas performance, and not in pursuing/seeking after what God desires from our lives
  • We care more about new clothes, new shoes, and many other ‘external adornment’ compared to investigating/evaluating our heart’s condition before His presence
  • We pay more attention towards our event schedules and its execution rather than making sure that our daily life is accurate in all aspects
  • We wait on the celebration, festivities, and the food and drinks more than being hungry and thirsty of God and the reality of His presence
  • We’d rather discuss about Santa Claus and the gifts we will exchange than talking about the Messiah who is now seated at the right hand of the Father
  • There are so much activities surrounding Christmas that have become mere religious traditions which divert our life’s focus and priorities

I pray, let Holy Spirit and His word work deeply once again in our hearts. Let Him dismantle every wrong heart attitude, every worldly/humanistic understandings, and all religious traditions that aren’t beneficial for His Kingdom.

Let God condition our lives to be desperate, like mad and all-out for Him. And through our life, let God strengthen the influence of His Kingdom in our nation. Through us, many people will no longer take Christmas as a controversial celebration. In turn, they will realize once again that Christmas is the day to remember the birth of the Savior of the world (not only the Savior of Christians). Therefore, the good news won’t only be proclaimed to believers within churches; the good news will be proclaimed and received by the whole nation.
Let the good news manifest tangibly to the whole nation – and even nations – through our daily life.

Ps. Steven Agustinus