May 13, 2018

When I try to do self-assessment; flashback of what God has done over the last couple years, I find that God has given His directions and promises to me as well as fulfilling it. He is the God who is faithful to His promises!

God commands to build a Radical, Enthusiastic, Dynamic, Aggressive and Responsive (RADAR) congregation/local church.

Since 2004, when BCC first started, the church members have been conditioned to be Radical, Enthusiastic, Dynamic, Aggressive and Responsive (RADAR). As the characteristics of a healthy church is when the church members do not make compromises; their lives are rooted in the truth (Radical); they must not have an ineffective/cold spiritual life (must be enthusiastic); they must not have a lazy/passive spiritual life (must be dynamic/free in following the guidance of the Spirit); they must have the hunger and thirst of the word (aggressively pursue the truth and doing it); they must respond positively to be the doer of the word every time the word delivered to them.

Slowly but surely, I begin to see many breakthroughs take place in the midst of the congregation, so automatically BCC begins to shows different spiritual characteristic! Whoever delivers the word of God, the church members always show RADAR characteristics!

On my next spiritual journey, God gave me a new challenge. I am not satisfy by seeing all the breakthroughs that the church members experienced in Sunday service, because in their daily life, they still live in the pressure of the evil spirits and get defeated in their aspects of life.

At that time, the Holy Spirit explained the principle of building accurate live in all aspects of life; to use our mouth to make declaration of the word, discipline our mind to always focus only on His word.

I personally have to build accurate life in all aspects and for the rest of my life, so I have the authority to say to the church members: Follow my foot steps… I have followed Christ! Christ has given me His grace; by following my foot steps, automatically the same grace will work in your life.

Slowly but surely, the life of the church members is built in the knowledge of God; their lives begin to become a message that He is a faithful God and always fulfil His promises. He is a good Father and a sovereign King!

For a moment, I can feel the ‘sense of fulfilment’ as I can see the congregation living a victorious life in all aspect of their lives, always experiencing divine breakthrough and living in the reality of God’s presence. But again, God brings me to see my friends (pastors) who struggle in their effort in applying the prophetic and apostolic principles they had learned in many seminars I held in BCC to be applied in their congregation. They face many struggles. The church members, who used to be served, begin to react and fight against their own pastor who is practicing the word to begin equipping his congregation. Religious spirits and passivity spirits that has bonded the lives of the congregation, begin to react and create chaos through people who do not want to change/experience progress.

This made me cry out before the presence of God again and ask for His direction on how to build a RADAR congregation through the lives of those pastors. If BCC can experience transformation and breakthrough because of what I have done as a form to equipped them, now I have to help those pastors to make sure that their congregation can also experience the same breakthrough, even though I do not minister to their congregation directly. Through the time of prayer and seeking the face of God, the NLTC (Next Level Training Class) is born.

When I received some important points that I have to share in NLTC as a bridge to make the congregation ready and bring them move from their present condition to enter into the movement that God is doing, God gave me a promise: whoever teaches in NLTC, they will experience the work of the power of grace that will enable them to bring the congregation to move and get connected with God’s movement!

And really, while the NLTC begins to be held in several different cities, the condition of the congregation begin to change. Now they become enthusiastic; hungry and thirsty of the word. Even at the beginning of worship, the atmosphere has been filled with the presence of God; no more passivity in the churches that have attended the NLTC. I begin to see that the RADAR congregation was no longer ‘dominated’ by BCC. There are many other congregations who begin to adopt the same quality! The churches of God become healthy and ready to receive a new mandate from the King; the command to present the reality of His Kingdom on this earth.

This message will continue tomorrow.

Ps. Steven Agustinus