May 15, 2019

To ensure the level of connectedness and dependence that we have with God is built, it takes a heart that truly loves God wholeheartedly. These are few things that Holy Spirit taught me about the role of the heart that loves God:


1. A heart that loves God makes our hearts keep focusing to the Word and His desires


A heart that keeps focusing to the Word and the desire of God would bring us to meet people who are also wholeheartedly loving God and His desire.


A heart that loves God will lead us to live in the God’s standards/ statutes that God has set without feeling ‘burdened’ or to ‘MUST’ live in His statues, but instead living in God’s standards would be our favorite things. (For example: Building the personal fellowship with God will no longer be a ‘must’ that burdens us, but instead the fellowship with God and His Word become our fondness.)


2. A heart that loves God will make spiritual children recognize the grace in the spiritual father’s life, which will lead us ‘to see His Kingdom’ by being ‘born again’.


John 3:3, ‘Gennao anothen‘: makes us give ourselves to be covered and led by someone who comes from high place/our spiritual father. Spiritual father that keeps delivering the truth and revealing God’s heart will make our spirits burning! It makes us receive confirmation that indeed there are grace and mercy of God that brought by our spiritual father. A heart that loves God will eliminate ‘conflict’ between spiritual father (who delivers God’s statutes for our lives) with us as spiritual son (who should live in His statues).


3. A heart that loves God keeps pushing us to devote ourselves in exploring the Word and in the teaching of the apostles (spiritual father), so that our mind will keep being renewed.


When we devote ourselves in every Word that is delivered by our spiritual father, we will experience the renewal of our minds. We will begin to recognize God’s desire. The accurately knowledge of God and the will of God are the reason of spiritual child to give himself to follow the path of life shown by the spiritual father.


Consistency in devoting ourselves to study the Word is indeed not an easy thing to find today, even it begins to be considered as ‘extra mile’ things that someone did. But for us who truly love him, we will do it passionately for God.


A heart that loves God will enable us to build an accurate relationship with our spiritual father, because we realize, every standard that our spiritual father sets is not a law, but we can see those standards as a form of God’s great love for us. So that we ‘willingly’ live in His statutes. Even if we have a choice to live humanly, we will still decide to live only in the God’s statues. #ILoveGod


This message will continue tommorow


Ps. Steven Agustinus