May 17, 2019

Today, Holy Spirit took me to Zephaniah 3:9-20, which made me realize that it was God’s will for me to always be connected and become more dependent on Him. This part of the Bible tells us that the Lord our God is with us, as a powerful soldier who gives us victory!  He is excited because apart from what we experience, we always delight in joy! He is happy because we are happy.


I found a very important point in Zephaniah 3:12; people who experience the presence of God as a powerful soldier who gives victory are those who are meek, poor and truly dependent on God.


When I dig deeper the meaning of being meek and poor, I found that this shows a high level of dependence on God! ‘Poor’ here is not poor in the sense of having nothing, but ‘poor’ in the sense of fully understand that I really need God! Indeed without God and His word, I could do nothing.


Now, I have more understanding of why God cares so much about cleansing our lives as ‘His branches’, because He wants us to have a life in His divinity! I figure that the overwhelming joy in my heart in the morning will create a conducive atmosphere for me to always depend on and connected with God.


Throughout this day, I have enjoyed God’s guidance and the most important thing is His reality in my life! I enjoyed how the Holy Spirit guided me on doing my work/tasks. My emotions are very stable and guarded (always positive and full of joy), even when I have to face many deadlines and unfinished work, but my heart is free and I truly believe like all the times, God will give me victory! I just have to OBEY, connected to and depend on Him! I believe when I am connected to and depend on Him, I will be productive and effective in producing fruits (John 15:4,8).


Tonight, My heart overflowed with joy, because I experienced what I received in worship last Sunday! I ended my day with a greater measure of joy compared to what I have in the morning! Throughout the day, the reality of His presence make me realize that He is the only one I love and need! How beautiful is the life in Him! Truly in His presence there is fullness of joy! (Psalm 16:11).


Ps. Steven Agustinus