May 17, 2020

When I was reading the book of Acts, the Holy Spirit spoke to me: “An invasion from the Kingdom of Heaven is needed on this earth!”


Now I can understand why the early church could shake the world at that time with God’s divinity and other miraculous deeds. It is because of an invasion from the Kingdom of Heaven. The holy spirit was poured out and the angels descended from heaven.


No wonder we can read that  there were many roles of angels at that time; from setting the apostles free from prison, to relocating Philip to a different place by simply made him disappeared. There were also many miraculous healing, and the angels appeared many times.


Not only that, God’s voice could also be heard very clearly. Visions, dreams, and prophecies were so real. Personal God’s encounter was also real. Prayer was so powerful, and God’s direction to His chosen people was so clear.


All of this happened not because of how powerful the apostles were, but because of the invasion of the Kingdom of Heaven and also the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that took place in the attic of Jerusalem. That was the condition of the early church that we considered as ‘baby church’.


How about the condition of churches now?  It is far from being a ‘baby’. Maybe the condition now is still in the womb, not even born yet. The condition of churches now is very much different from the early church!


The quality of the people is also different compared to the era of the  apostles. The more the apostles were pressured not to preach the gospel, the more they persevered in it. They did not love their own lives. They run the race to follow Jesus’ example! No wonder, God’s power was with them.


It is very strange, we receive the same Holy Spirit but we give different results! We also persevere in the apostles’ doctrine but we have a different mentality. What is wrong with us now?


We should be more divine than them. God’s work now suppose to be more powerful than before. Our mentality must be tougher and stronger than before.


I have to admit that we are not like them yet. God’s reality, miracles, soldier mentality, and other demonstrations of power still surrounded by the four walls of church, and have not touched the community we live in. We have to admit this, so we can ‘pick up’ from where we left off.


The early church was truly in the midst of the society. They never felt awkward, afraid, or ‘exclusive’. They interacted with all level of strata in the society (from beggars to officials), and miracles always happen. They became the temple of God on this earth. They continued Jesus’ work on a new level. Imagine, even the shadow of the apostles could cure many people. That is the condition of the early church that directly interacted with the society.


I cry out before God, asking for what suppose to happen. Facts and conditions that happen now are not what should have happened. It does not matter even if God does not use my life. As long as I can see the invasion from the kingdom of heaven, and I can witness the church of God demonstrating the glory of heaven, more than what happened in the days of the apostles. I will cry out to God until that happen. We need an invasion of the kingdom of heaven to reveal the kingdom of God on this earth. #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus