May 19, 2020

We must continuously maintain the thirst and hunger for God’s truth and God’s reality in our hearts.


Matthew 5: 6 (NASB) “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.”


In that verse, the word ‘hunger’ is written in Greek word: Peinaō (read: pi-nah’-o) which can be translated as: Looking with longing, with passion. It pictures a person who is looking eagerly to fulfill his daily needs.


In other words, every believer should condition his heart to always feel hungry for the Word; not just a ‘modest hunger’, but the hunger that makes someone ‘go crazy’!


This type of ‘crazy’ hunger, can never be satisfied only by reading a verse or two or just hearing a sermon. The type of spiritual hunger that Jesus meant in Matthew 5: 6, can only be satisfied when someone personally hears the voice of God giving the living Word into someone’s heart!


It takes a determination and discipline to keep pushing into His presence, cleansing us from spiritual frequencies that often distract our focus, removing the busy-ness in our mind / emotion created by the enemy, until we really ‘entering the silence of the throne room ‘.


Only then will we begin to hear His voice speak to us personally. It is His Word that comes straight out of His mouth that will satisfy our lives! there will no longer be a ‘feeling of need’ in our lives because all have been satisfied through the Word in our lives (Psalm 23: 1).


The most important aspects that we must immediately deal with to have a passionate (or crazy) hunger for God and His Words are:


(1) Spirit of familiarity and


(2) Sense of need or ‘other desires’ which are worldly


1. The spirit of familiarity will make a person loses his longing for God, which made a person so ‘crazy’ in pursuing the truth and reality of God.


Usually, the spirit of familiarity begins to emerge in a person’s life because he starts to enjoy an area or dimension of abundant blessings in his life. Everything that he sowed in the past, now he continues to reap. All the accurate steps he worked on are continuing to bring up the fruits. In short, all the blessings and goodness of God is being enjoyed.


When someone keep enjoying the fruits of his past sacrifices, the spirit of familiarity will begin to jump into his life. Slowly but surely, his perseverance, discipline, and determination in seeking God will decline.


We must continue to remind ourselves, that the spiritual aspects that have made us to enjoy various breakthroughs, blessings, and abundance from God must be carried on forever! If fervent prayer in tongues while imagining and declaring the Word has led us to enjoy heavenly breakthroughs and prosperity, we must stay persistent doing it with even greater determination and perseverance!


The reason why many servants of God or large churches began to lose the reality of God in daily life and worship services because they no longer pursue the reality of God and His Word.


Imagine that we are swimming, and for some time we hold our breath underwater. When we can no longer hold it, the urge to breathe the air becomes indispensable.


Our desire to always experience the reality of God’s touch and the revealing of His truth should be as urgent as our desire to breathe the air!


2. Oftentimes, we lose the desire to pursue God’s reality because there are many other desires in our hearts!


Usually, when a person begins enjoying many of God’s blessings, he starts to have more freedom or choices in his life. Without realizing it, the level of dependence on God decreases.


Why bother fasting or saying declaration in order to buy something, if we already have enough money to buy it? Why wasting energy to declare the Word to ward off dizziness or headaches, if we can just easily buy medicine? This is where I see the enemy cunningly infiltrate with the spirit of familiarity when we enjoy God’s blessings!


Therefore we must build a mentality and strong determination in pursuing God’s reality – train and reignite our hunger-thirst for God’s reality and His truth until we are truly satisfied only by His existence.


My prayer, let through today’s Daily Devotion, once again the Holy Spirit will work in our hearts and ignite our hunger-level to Him to the highest point as we’ve never experienced. #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus