May 20, 2018

This message continues from yesterday’s.

2. Our relationship with others is highly tied with the work of spirit of unity (which highly influence whether the power of prayer could manifest or not)

When Jesus introduced the church (Ekklesia) for the first time, He emphasized that even the gates of hell could not overpower it. In turn, the church is equipped with the power of prayer, words and declaration; whatever you bind shall be bound, and whatever you loose shall be loosed (Mat 16:18-19)! Afterwards, God emphasized once more that such power will manifest when the spirit of unity is present in the midst of His people (Mat 18:15-20).

It is undeniable that not every member in a local church have lived accurately. Moreover if we talk about the Body of Christ universally!

Surely, inaccuracy in one or several church members often create friction, clash of interest, and grudges within the congregation. In short, it is easy for us to interact with our inaccurate brothers, and finally hold a grudge in our heart. Meanwhile, holding a grudge stops the greatest power in the universe from working (prayer and declaration) although God has given such power to us!

Don’t take light of the grudge in our heart against our brothers. Don’t let it become ‘swallowed by time’. Remember always: if we don’t completely clear up a problem before God or man, it could always become a gap for the enemy to enter in our midst and wreak havoc! We may make an excuse: do we still need to clear things up with our brothers if the problem has been long gone? If the problem has not been cleared completely since the start, I believe that we still need to clear it up!

Too many cases of disunity within the Body of Christ have been caused by church members or leaders who hold a grudge against each other. The problems don’t get cleared completely, and finally ‘explode’, damaging God’s work.

All of these problems are caused by the lack of intention from every individual to do what’s right. When problem arises, frictions happen, and grudges held, we must quickly clear them up completely. Because the longer we hold on to those hurtful memories, the easier it is for the enemy to enter and destroy the unity between brothers in Christ. We must nurture the unity between brothers instead!

At times, it seems that there are some brothers who could not unite their hearts with us. Meanwhile, they feel that they could unite their hearts with ‘another group’, although that group is living in inaccuracy (their hearts are united to live an inaccurate life). In our attempt to win them back, we may not guarantee that our brothers will open their heart and change. However, we could at least try to guide them back to fix their heart and return to live in accuracy (Galatians 6:1).

It’s time for us to experience the power of the word and Spirit filling our hearts with His love again. With such divine love, even though we feel that we are ‘in the right side’, we could actively take measures to fix the damaged relationship between brothers. With all our heart intent, try to ‘win back’ our brothers who are living inaccurately.

Let the spirit of unity return in our midst. When the spirit of unity manifests (even in a family, the smallest unit of the Body of Christ), it will activate the working power of prayer. What you bind will be bound, and what you loose will be loosed!

If every believer (at least in their families) could keep building unity in the Spirit, we will keep witnessing the working power of prayer!

Through our prayers, we could activate the work of the angels. They could influence, condition and change the hearts and minds of people, including those who are living in contamination and inaccuracy.

Let Thy kingdom come o Father, let Your will be done on earth, in our daily lives as it is in heaven! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus