May 22, 2019

This is the continuation of yesterday’s message.


These are the signs when we are disconnected from the Father:


a. We lose heart and our life leaks; we lose the enthusiasm and divine dynamics that was once built in our spiritual life – we lose our ‘first love’


If we let this continue, our flow of divine life will be cut off. Just like a hose disconnected from the water source, our divine life will gradually dry up until we experience spiritual death. That’s the moment we degrade bit by bit until we’re no different to most people in this world. Just like what the Scripture said, “If anyone does not abide in Me, he is thrown away as a branch and dries up; and they gather them, and cast them into the fire and they are burned” (John 15:6, NASB).


b. We start to lose our divine passion, and together with it, our effectiveness and productivity for the Kingdom of Heaven – without God’s reality, our life becomes as frustrated as everyone else in this world.


If the world shakes, we are also shaken. If the world is unsteady, we also become unsteady. It becomes very easy for external things (facts and data) to attack and influence us.


Understand this principle: if the enemy is trying everything it could to cut-off our connection from the Father, we must also TRY EVERYTHING WE CAN to PERSEVERE in building our connection and dependence upon the Father! The more we persevere, the more our connection and dependence upon the Father increases!


Building perseverance is like building a LIFESTYLE aligned to God’s word. Once built as a habit, we’ll have a solid spiritual infrastructure. Divine life will now flow easier, and we won’t become ‘on and off’ spiritually. It’s like someone who installs a pipe system to flow water from a well to his home; once it is built, he doesn’t have to fetch water from the well. Whenever water is needed, all he needs to do is to open the tap, and water will flow!


Perseverance will guarantee continuity. By persevering, our connection and dependence upon the Father will stay guarded and could increase drastically.


Persevere in building our spirit man, so our mind, emotion and body could align to the work of God’s word and Spirit. Set aside time to listen again to the apostles’ teaching, and put it into practice. Start our day by flowing the divine passion and joy through prayer, praise, dance, etc. Those are several examples of the way we could PERSEVERE.

2. The level of living water within us will get deeper when we are willing to give ourselves to be TRAINED and STRETCHED in our capacity.


Ezekiel 47:3 (NASB) When THE MAN went out toward the east with a line in his hand, he MEASURED a thousand cubits, and he LED ME through the water, water REACHING the ankles.


The same pattern is recorded throughout Ezekiel 47:3-5. There is THE MAN who MEASURED and LED ME to enter the water with progressively INCREASING level of depth. This is what happens when we ‘build our inner man’, both personally or corporately.




The man represents a coach – a spiritual leader or the Holy Spirit Himself – who directs and disciplines us to enter the divine standard that God has set. The man could also represent us who forces/disciplines our own selves to follow the instructions and demands of spiritual leaders or the Holy Spirit.


Discipline is the keyword here, because people tend to stay in their comfort zone. It takes a ‘strong will’ to pull ourselves into the standard that God has set.




The word is taken from the Hebrew word “mâdad (read: maw-dad), which means to measure, to STRETCH.”


So, what is being measured? It’s the new position/standard/level which we’ll enter. Then, what is being STRETCHED? It’s our spiritual capacity, so we could grow deeper, and our spiritual stamina could become stronger than before.


When we are stretched to build our inner man, we are being disciplined in 3 areas simultaneously:


Our mind – we are trained to remove/drive away the conflicting noises in our mind. This include not listening to our body which is sounding the laziness to move, physical weariness, age complications, etc. Start to discipline our minds; direct it to the work of the word and Spirit that is happening, and to the heavenly frequency that God is releasing!


Our emotions – we are trained to express the work of the word and Spirit through the movements of our body, our shouts, our facial expression, etc. For example, when the dimension of victory is working, our emotion must be able to freely express that victory!


Our body – we stretch this vessel to press into God’s presence. We train our body to be active and aggressive, to jump and shout, and to disregard the voice of its physical weariness. Our body will no longer say, “it’s enough,” but “I can do more!” Our body will become stronger and always ready to be taken into a new level that God has prepared.


The last part of this message will be sent tomorrow.




Ps. Steven Agustinus