May 24, 2018

For someone who wants to experience breakthrough and achieve success in life, he has to synchronise his mind or imagination, his desire and his belief. As for those who are married, the husband and the wife must have one heart before any of them takes decisions that potentially affect their marriage life.

If one of them disagree with his/her spouse, it is better to cancel the decision that he/she has.

1. As soon as someone gets married, his/her priority in life will change, he/she cannot take decision based on his/her own judgement

Now he/she is married! There is one ‘new life’ who he/she has to discuss with before he/she makes important decisions. Any decision made by a husband or wife, sooner or later, likes or dislikes, it will affect the life of his/her spouse.

Those who want to have a lasting family life must understand and practice this principle: If you want to ‘walk fast’, walk by yourself; if you want to ‘walk farther’, walk together. If you want to pursue your ambitions/goals/dreams in your life, you better do it when you are single. As soon as you get married, make sure you begin ‘changing or modifying’ every dream/goal/ambition you have.

Give your spouse a ‘space’ to ‘put’ his/her dream/goal/ambition into your dream/goal/ambition. Combine them and pursue them together.

2. Family life is far more important than any career, position, or promotion

Sometimes, for certain people who have a strong passion, family life or input from his/her spouse can be regarded as an obstacle to his/her career, promotion or opportunities. This is caused by the wrong mindset. As a result, the spouse who has a different point of view or disagree with his/her plan, will be considered as an obstacle to his/her career and promotion.

If we realise that our spouse whom God gave to us as ‘a person who will complete’ our lives, we will pay more attention to his/her suggestions or opinions. They are the one who will fill in ‘our blind spots’ through their suggestions or opinions. Sometimes it can disturb us because it can put down our ego/passion that we have. If we consider our family life as an important part of our lives, we will give space to our spouse to play their role in balancing our lives.

a. What’s the point of achieving a high career, great success or other promotions if we lose our family?

b. We can better enjoy our success with our loved ones: our families, and our spouses.

c. Although family life is never free from conflicts, arguments or ridiculous decisions that would potentially damage the family life itself, but the flow and outpouring of divine love in each person’s life, will make each of them decide to maintain the existing relationship.

d. Family life requires cooperation and commitment from both sides of the couple. To be stronger, place God as the center of your family life (Ecclesiastes 4:12).

e. No matter how hard the pressure or how complicated the challenge is, it becomes easier when we deal or face it together with our spouse.

f. If we still have disagreement with our spouse, it is a sign to us that ‘the moment of God has not yet arrived’. The chance or opportunity that comes, is nothing more than the evil’s trap that will divert us from God’s original plan.

g. When a couple does not have one heart, the pressure or intimidation in life can destroy the family life.

I pray, in the midst of all the challenges that we have to face in our prophetic journey (in our efforts to present His kingdom on earth), we will always have His power, comfort, grace and breakthrough that He passes through our spouse’s life.

Ps. Steven Agustinus