May 26, 2018

Human life is about choice and decision. Every choice or decision we make will lead us to a kind of life, where there are various events we have to deal with. There is a principle of life that is usually called the term ‘butterfly effect’. The experts examine that a flutter of butterfly wings can create a big storm. Yes, that is an illustration in life that we can get from that research. A simple choice or decision we make today will create a big impact in the future.

We can also see the same thing in the bible, the benchmark of our true principle. The story of man in the garden of Eden is a very precise example. The decision to eat the fruit of knowledge of good and evil created a great destruction to this day.

Next is the story of Noah and his family as the remaining people on earth due to the flood. Noah decision to get drunk and cursed Ham also caused a great effect. Through Ham, a generation that stood against God, was born. If Noah forgave Ham and did not cursed him, the story was going to be totally different! It is possible that Ham repented and admitted his mistake that humiliated his father. Both stories are the example of the principle of ‘butterfly effect’. There are many other examples in the bible, either the right one or bad one which created effects in the future!

We must understand that our choices and decisions are affected by the values and attitudes of our hearts. If the word of God was rooted in Adam and Eve’s life, for sure the snake could not influence them and they could make the accurate decision. If the word of God is rooted in Noah’s family, surely human civilization will be better now.

From the above message, I begin to investigate my basic belief and values in life. Somehow I become more careful in my daily attitudes and decisions. Suddenly I have a strong awareness of the effect that will happen from every decision I make.

For us, as believers, all values in our lives must align with the principles of truth (the word of God). If we want to make an impact and have a life that pleases God, then we can only take the word of God as our principle and make it deeply rooted in our lives. So there is no other way to make accurate choices and decisions, other than to place God as our priority in life!

1. We have to make sure that every morning we hear and receive His word through our fellowship with Him.

2. Take His word as our standard of living and use it to make a declaration every hour to form and mould our minds according to the mind of Christ.

3. Follow every direction of the Spirit, directly or indirectly, or the sound of pure conscience.

Our obedience is the key to create impact. The Holy Spirit will guide us to do things beyond our normal activities. For example, when we walk, suddenly the Holy Spirit can command us to give money or food to the people we just saw.

We might not know the reason for doing it. Just obey and do not debate with Him! That person might need the things that we give; and it might save his life or bring him to meet the opportunities that can make him a great man in the future. We cannot predict the future, but we do not have to see in order to obey Him. Just obey and believe that everything that we do will bring good things to us. It may seem like a small thing now, but it can create a big impact in the future.

4. Keep doing good things, forgive others and forget their mistakes.

Because the divine love that comes forth from our lives will restore the wounded! Just as we are restored by His love, the same thing will happen to the rest of the people on this earth. They can interact with the Father in heaven through us.

So never give up to do good things, as it will create a good impact in the future. We will also reap something good and others can experience His goodness through our lives.

Ps. Steven Agustinus