May 27, 2018

I believe the work of the Spirit and the word we receive daily and every Sunday will make us grow healthy. It means all aspects of our lives become more accurate (manifesting Christ), free from mammon, free to do God’s will; and we can give more time, energy and whatever is needed to get involve in and contribute to the fulfilment of God’s will.

If all these years we have heard the word of God, but we have never had the heart to fully believe in Him and His agenda, it means there is something wrong with us; we still do not have an accurate ‘state of the heart’. Jesus described it as the side way, stony places and thorny’s state of the heart. These are the state of the hearts that cannot bear fruit.  It is a picture of those who cannot understand the word of God that they hear accurately (Matthew 13:9-11,13-15).  So they cannot see His true kingdom, and as a result, they cannot fully believe in Him!

The followings are the things that make them unable to understand accurately:

1. They do not have the spirit of understanding, the love of God, the thirst of God, a gentle, teachable heart and willingness to change (Matthew 13:12)

2. They cannot see the person God designates as ‘the sower’ (someone who delivers the word of God; the carrier of the divine pattern and the voice of God)

They cannot respect, honor, submit and obey their leader. One of Israel’s mistakes is they stood against the leader that God had set for them. All they want is the blessing and the fulfilment of God’s promises, but they never wanted to obey their leaders and the divine pattern which supposed to be the key to God’s protection and the fulfilment of His promises.

This is the condition of most Christians; they only seek for God’s blessings. They come to church for His blessings, promises and to be saved on earth and in heaven. When the leader delivers the will of the kingdom of heaven and invites the whole congregation to be part of it, they shout ‘Amin’, but they never do anything about it! Actually the will of or the revelation of the kingdom of heaven is waited and much needed by the rulers (Matthew 13:17, Isiah 2).

Therefore it is very important for us who want to grow and be fruitful, to pay attention to the things below:

a. With all our hearts, longing, and clear voice, ask the Holy Spirit for the thirst of God, the love for God and a gentle, teachable spirit and willingness to change

Because if we do not have all that, then all we have will be taken away (Matthew 13:11-12). It means that our spiritual condition will be worst than before. The side way, stony places and thorny’s state of the heart will even be manifested in our lives. However, if we have the thirst for Him, the love for Him and a gentle heart, then the Holy Spirit will reveal and give us more understanding so we can see the powerful glory of His kingdom.

Then we can believe God even when it does not make sense and willing to let go of everything for Him. By His Spirit, our lives will make impact and walk in His sovereignty! In short, we will produce more fruits of the kingdom (Matthew 13:12).

b. A sower is a spiritual leader who carry the divine pattern

A spiritual leader is a spiritual father who gives the pattern of divine life, the ways and the wisdom of God through every principle of the word that he practices in his life, through the direction, advise and words of God that he delivered. It is like seeds being sown into our lives, who look up to his life and listen to the word that he delivered!

Pay attention to the following aspects so we can receive each seed and grow in us:

  • We have to grow our love for God and our spiritual leader through our living fellowship with Him. Without ‘affection and love’ triggered by adoration for every work and grace of God in a leader, then we might put less value to every word of God that we hear! And automatically the seed cannot be planted and grow!
  • Keep the respect for our spiritual father; place him as a special person in our lives so we can easily receive every advice, direction and  principle of the word he delivers.
  • Guard the thirst for the word of God, so the spirit of familiarity toward a leader who delivers the principles of the truth repeatedly cannot touch our hearts.

I see in the spirit: A sower is jumping, cheering and rejoicing as He sees every principle of the word begins to grow. I believe, God is raising a generation who believe in Him even when it doesn’t make sense! And they will always grow, make impacts and walk in the power of His sovereignty!

Ps. Steven Agustinus