May 27, 2020

When I was doing morning prayer, God gave me a vision: There was someone who wore some kind of diving gear (with a glass helmet that was connected to an oxygen cylinder, so he could breath and talk like a normal person and carry out daily activities).

The Holy Spirit gave me understanding: That is how we must live our daily lives! The diving gear that I see is a picture of God’s presence that covers our lives, so we do not have to ‘live from the earth’s oxygen’, but we live from ‘heaven’s oxygen’, the reality of His presence!

Just as humans cannot live underwater, we need diving gears with the oxygen tubes to ‘live and do activities’ underwater. As the sons of God (new creations) we can no longer live in this world! The world has become too dirty, contaminated, and unfit for us to live in! But since we are still living in this world, a great task is still waiting to be done, the restoration of all things (Acts 3:21, Romans 8:19).

We need God’s reality to cover our lives to do activities in this world!

1. The habitat of new creation is the reality of His presence.

When God’s presence is absent in our lives, we are like a fish taken out from the water. We are an easy prey for other animals or we will simply die!

Without His presence covering our daily activities, we are too weak/vulnerable to face the attack/lies of the evil or to lift all the burdens and conflicts that we may experience in daily lives. Slowly but surely those things begin to kill our spiritual life!

Our minds are directed to focus on what is outward, worldly. Unconsciously, the enemy reshapes our minds back to human logic or flesh. That really kills our spiritual life!

Romans 8:6 (LEV) For the mind of the flesh is death, but the mind of the Spirit is life and peace.

There is no other alternative, we must be covered by the reality of God’s presence in doing our daily activities.

2. Our minds carry a certain frequency (like the signal on our smartphone). When the frequency of our minds align with His word, we will have the awareness of His presence in our lives!

Paul said that the only solution we must take is to change the frequency of our minds which will make us have the awareness of God’s presence.

But how?

a. Use the promised word or the voice of the Spirit that we have received as the benchmark of the frequencies we must build in our minds.

Make sure our hearts always pursue the truth, be optimistic, joyful, full of enthusiasm and peace (Romans 14:17).

b. Use the power of declaration to reset the frequency in our minds.

Declare the word of God more often, say it with words that can influence and convince your mind and emotion. Remember, the righteous shall live by faith (Romans 1:17). The word ‘faith’ from the Greek word, Pistis, which means successfully convinced, influenced or made to believe.

We are working with the Holy Spirit to sow the seeds of faith in our lives by declaring the promised word/the voice of the Spirit that we have received with influential words, which will build strong conviction in our minds and emotions.

When our minds carry the frequency of the word, we live in the same frequency of heaven as God Himself (John 1:1).

As long as we are covered with His reality, we have His word when we are at a crossroads and have to make decision to face all challenges in our daily life!

God makes our lives different and special from many others.

Ps. Steven Agustinus