May 28, 2018

I find that our heart intention hold a very important role in building accurate values in life. Due to our intention of the heart, there are certain values that can never be built and become one with our lives.

Our values in life hold an important role in every decision we make every day. So directly or not, to have a victorious life, be accurate in everything and to have a life pleasing to God, first of all our heart intention must be set to the truth and always want to have a life pleasing to God.

1. Our heart intention is the thoughts and intentions that often come and motivate/move us to take decisions and live our lives

We need the touch of the Spirit in our lives to have the thoughts and intentions that always move us to pursue the truth or have a life pleasing to God. The same way it happened to Zacchaeus and the early church (Luke 19:1-9; Acts 2:41-47, 4:32-35; Ephesians 4:21-28).

Because of the touch of the Spirit, those who are selfish, greedy and love of money, will begin to change. Now, they are willing to donate their wealth to the poor, work hard and try to make others life better just like themselves.

Usually, the change of heart occurs when we have an open heart or acceptance over a servant of God who bring us to experience the touch of God. The more we have the thirst and hunger over the reality of God/the truth, the easier we trust and understand the word and the more often we discuss the word that speak strongly to our hearts.

2. When our heart intention change, automatically our values in life will also change

If so far we have adopted values of our family, community, friends and culture around us, once our heart’s intentions have changed, we begin to make the truth of the word as our standard of living. Our values in life will be adjusted and set align with the word revealed to us. When our values in life have been aligned with the word, then every decision we make will also manifest the word. We become the doers of the word!

Many areas of life that have been built based on human values will experience significant changes! The truth of the word will begin to put color in all areas of our lives. Decisions that we make in life will be align with the word (the manifestation of the word)!

Even when you feel awkward in taking ‘unusual’ decision, but you are building your life in the truth. Keep moving!

3. Our values in life that we use as references in every decisions we make, will become our habits/characters

When our heart intention have changed, then it is easier to adopt new and divine values in our lives. And when our values in life have changed, then the decisions that we make will also change. The decisions that we make align with the word, will eventually become new habits in our lives.

Through the new habits, we will have divine characters that will seal the changes of our heart intentions.

Ps. Steven Agustinus