May 28, 2020

The Holy Spirit put the word ‘FOCUS’ in my heart and I brought that word in my morning prayer. I received many words from the beginning I prayed. But there is one ‘impression’ that the Holy Spirit showed to me and I think that is the right impression to describe the word ‘FOCUS’ from Him.

The impression that I received: There was a person who drove a car heading to one place. On his way, suddenly fog covered the road. However, he did not focus on the fog, instead he paid more attention to the road. He turned on the fog lights so he could see the road more clearly.

After passing through the fog, a few minutes later there was black smoke coming from another vehicle and covering his sight. He checked the windows and made sure all windows were tightly closed so that the smoke could not get into his car, and stepped on the gas to increase his speed, so that he could pass through the smoke and the other vehicle. He continued to drive and focus on the road and his destination.

The Holy Spirit explained that the fog and black smoke are the picture of things that are happening around us. It is not the main issue that we should talk about or even make an effort to get rid of it. We must focus on what God is telling us (pay attention to God’s way) and increase the intensity of meditating and declaring the words until we can feel the burning of the Spirit getting stronger and stronger each day.

The Spirit strongly said: Do not let the fog and smoke enter your mind! Meditate and declare only the voice of God. Do not even try to get rid of the fog and smoke. Catch the words, come into His presence, reach out to His words, and rub those words on your spirit man (mediate and declare the words until your spirit man feels the burn inside). Occupy yourself with those things, not others!

I think this is a warning and a limit that the Holy Spirit affirmed so that we do not get out of the car and be busy getting rid of the fog and smoke. The Holy Spirit wants us to pay attention to God’s ways and keep on going to the destination that God has set for us. By the work of the Spirit and the word, God shapes our lives to be His representatives or represent the fullness of Christ on this earth.

Focus on that! Our spiritual position will progressively increase and be ready to rule over every name that is named, just by the words we say. The power of God’s sovereignty and the authority of God’s kingdom will manifest through us! Focus, then we will achieve the goals God has set for us!

Ps. Steven Agustinus