May 3, 2018

Under pressure, both due to problems, challenges, or attacks from worldly spirits, worrying thoughts usually surface in our mind. Worst case scenarios to the stupidest things goes back and forth in our head, draining our energy. At the same time, our actions could follow suit – becoming stupid like someone who doesn’t belong to the almighty God!

Surely, God doesn’t want such thing to happen to us; He wants us to become doers of His word in all circumstances. By becoming so, every problem (life stress due to our own fault) will be gone on its own, because our lifestyle has been aligned with His word. The same goes with every challenge (things that God allows), His word will shape our spiritual muscles and mold our mind to always become stronger than before. The same also goes with attacks of worldly spirits that are trying to rob our peace and joy; His word will enable us to push them back in an instant! Our spirit will become stronger and mightier to continue our journey of faith!

Therefore, we must remember and plant strongly in our minds that His word is all we need! For if the sovereign God has sent forth His word, that’s what will surely happen, and truly, it has been done! Everything will be well because of His word!

Then, what’s the process of receiving God’s word when we are under stress?

Philippians 4:6 (TLB)  Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything; tell God your needs, and don’t forget to thank him for his answers.

1. By using our mouth, ask the Holy Spirit to give us the spirit of prayer, then pray

This is difficult indeed, but force ourselves to do so. Praying under stress is not easy, but we must realize that God is our only source of solution. What’s wrong with approaching His throne of grace when we are weak and under stress anyway? Let us not be arrogant by rejecting to depend on God, although we have become so weak.


In every situation, guard our life of prayer, for it is our breathe of life as believers. Without prayer, we will be destroyed by the various negative facts. With prayer, God’s sovereignty and intervention will become real in us (Gen 20:7, Gen 20:17, Gen 25:21, Jam 5:16-18).

2. Tell God our needs

Remember, our need is one: His word alone! All we need is the word that proceeds from the mouth of God.

So, don’t become long-winded in prayer, wasting our quality time (moreover if we are under stress) because we still want to maintain religious liturgies in prayer (Mat 6:6-7). Remember that He is our Father!

Come to Him freely as a son (Mat 7:7-11). Ask Him, and He will surely give His word! For the word that proceeds from the Father’s mouth should become our everyday portion – it’s the Father’s provision for us as His sons (Mat 4:4, Deut 8:3).

3. Invite the spirit of thanksgiving, and give thanks to the word that God has given

Meaning, we should declare and imagine the word we have received until our spirit stirs ablaze; until every negative emotions are gone; until our mind is governed by that word (Phil 4:8)! In such manner, the spirit of thanksgiving will make us radiate with gratitude, because the word we receive have become our conviction – we surely believe that the Father has prepared for us a brilliant future!

In short, the spirit of thanksgiving will cleanse our spiritual eyes, enabling us to see Christ as the first, the last, and the living (Rev 1:17-18). Now we know that everything that happens in life will surely work together for our good (Rm 8:28) – we are safe in His hands (Ps 91)!

I believe the three things above will invite God’s intervention over our lives. Negative facts will change by the power of the truth, starting from the truth transforming our lives. When we transform by the work of His Word and Spirit, our life will keep ascending and never goes down. No negative facts will be able to pressure our lives! (Prov 4:18) #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus