May 30, 2020

Many times when someone understanding or interpreting the verses of the Word or promises of God, he did it based on the perspective of his personal life experience or the story told to him. It is not wrong but also is not fully proven right. That is because we just occasionally see everything we experience from God’s perspective. Oftentimes what happens is just the opposite! Because what we experience is very different from what we expect or want, we can misinterpret what is happening and as a result, in reading or understanding the verses of the Word, we are mistaken!

For example, because our life experience is just full of fall and defeat after facing the temptation of the Evil, thus make us read a verse: “…Your spirit wants to do what is right, but your body is weak.” (Matthew‬ ‭26:41‬ ‭ERV‬‬) – as if we ‘get confirmation’ as well as justification for every fall we experienced. We develop a concept of thought: Truly I (the flesh) am weak, no wonder I fall into temptation often.

Whereas we should, in the first place understand accurately the purpose of each verse of the Word or God’s promise He gave us. From that point on, we begin to set up or harmonize our lives! Including, ensuring that our life experiences are in harmony as well! Because what we experience, should not be considered as a standard! But the Scripture or God’s promise is!

For example, we have come so far, we have always had various bad experiences – but don’t accept that as the end of our destiny! Remember, the standard is God’s Word or promise, not what we have experienced!

God has promised a victorious life, with a bright and hopeful future (Jeremiah 29:11) – meaning, if we still have a different one, it is our part to rise in the Spirit and make breakthroughs and changes firstly in our minds and hearts! We remind ourselves that it is not normal to have a troubled life because God’s promise is a victorious life! And we eagerly push into God’s presence to receive the Spirit’s direction so that we immediately shifting to live by God’s given standard of life for us: Always victorious!

Our determination to live in truth and manifest the Word’s promise in daily life will activate the power of the Holy Spirit to change our life frequency to be aligned with His Word. There is a portion we must do: Push in His presence until our hearts blazed of the Word and the Spirit’s work. There is a certain portion that the Holy Spirit will do in our lives: Connect us with His truth as the source of all things.

By the connection with the reality of God and the life of Christ, then the true journey of life as a child of God begins. Our daily life manifests the reality of God’s promises or the truth of His Word! #ILoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus