May 4, 2018

We will hear many more bad news, from infectious diseases, war, natural disasters, and many more. But we should not (or rather, don’t need to) be afraid, moreover panic and react like those who doesn’t belong to the Living God. Instead, we should show our faith and belief in Him.

Remember, however, that our stillness, peace and trust in God comes from our knowledge and relationship with Him. We couldn’t create it on our own; it’s purely by the work of Holy Spirit within us! Therefore, we must know that in these uncertain times, the safest place is in His word and reality!

I realize that His reality is an invisible spiritual dimension. People will surely incline to believe something ‘visible to the naked eye’ to trust themselves on. Therefore, renewing of the mind is truly needed. Because without knowing, our convictions have been molded by this world to trust more on external things rather than on God, His word, and His spiritual dimensions. For example, it’s easier for us to believe that a disease outbreak will affect us, rather than God’s decree that He will drive them away from us. Another example, it will be easier for us to believe that an earthquake could cause the roof to collapse on us rather than believing that God could protect us from all forms of danger.

I believe God’s church will play a vital role in these chaotic times. Church will give birth to a righteous people who will dwell in the shelter of the Most High (Ps 91:1) and loves Him with all their heart, soul and strength (Ps 91:14).

Now I realize why Breakthrough City Church (BCC) keeps on being filled with a very strong work of the Word and Spirit. Some of the reasons are:

1. To bring us to live in Christ

2. To make us trust God’s Word and Spirit alone

3. To make us know Him by seeing Him the way He is

4. To raise us as a different breed of believers

We will never become victims of ‘this world’s cruelty’ – we will overcome this world by faith!

Therefore, it is out of place for us to become anxious and fearful. If we still feel so, we need to ask Holy Spirit to do a complete overhaul on our mind. Because it means that we still harbor wrong convictions! We still put our trust in external things more than His reality which is more than real and His word which is more than life, and even God’s presence as the sovereign ruler of everything!

I saw in the Spirit: God is pouring out serenity, peace, and faith from the throne room into His chosen people. It looked like a big, yet tranquil waterfall. Then I heard Him saying: “The times when I raise a different breed of believers is coming soon! It will happen just like when I distinguished My people at the land of Goshen in Egypt (Ex 8:22, 9:26).”

The world may shake, but in His word, we will surely stand still! Yes, this will become something very real if we believe! The land where we stand and the home where we live will not shake even when earthquake is occurring everywhere. Plague could keep spreading, but our home will become the most sterile place for all kinds of diseases. Even as believers, our body will become the place of death for viruses, so that no disease could endanger us!

And so I pray: Holy Spirit, help me to have a strong and accurate conviction just like what You revealed above. Train me to have an unshakable conviction to your word! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus