May 4, 2020

Many people unconsciously continue their life or work in ministry without faith, hope and love as their motivation.


The devil will use all means to destroy the three elements above. If believers lose all three or one of the three elements, then the enemy has succeeded in pulling them away from fulfilling God’s plan. Their lives should have had a strong impact, but now they are like zombies. They have lost the life of Christ.


If we lack the measure of  faith, hope and love that we should have, our lives become ‘limping’.  Those three elements must always fill and move our lives!


1. The enemies will always show their effort to make believers trust facts and data more than the word of God.


The life of faith is built and grows through consideration and decision-making to trust and hold fast to His word every day. This shows the importance for believers to maintain their personal fellowship with God. Every day there is always flow of living water that is refreshing, inspiring and cleansing their lives from ‘impact’ they experience between the reality of daily life and God’s promises that ‘seemed’ far from being fulfilled.


By having healthy and strong personal fellowship with God, we have the chance to reset our ‘focus and direction in life’ to God and His promises, apart from the outward facts which may still be far from fulfillment.



The measure of faith in our lives will become stronger and more powerful when we maintain our fellowship with God. And when our faith increase, we will have spiritual position or divine ability to fulfill the promises of God!


2. When we keep building healthy and strong fellowship with God, our hope will also grow stronger. We are not easily distracted by the evil.


Hope will make us expect all the best things to happen to the people who interact with us. No matter how badly someone treats us, our hope will make us continue to pray for the best things to happen to them.


Especially when we hope for our loved ones or someone close to us to experience God’s touch and be renewed, the hope in us will not make us give up easily. We will patiently wait for God’s time, for Him in His sovereignty to touch and change the lives of those we love.


3. When we always ‘cling’ and ‘see’ God’s reality, then our love to God and to those around us will also grow!


We will show the fruits of live in our interaction with many people: we will become more patient, kind, not selfish, easy to forgive or do not remember wrongs, cannot be made angry easily in facing negative reactions from others who misunderstand us when we walk in faith. And certainly, when we continue to grow in love, we will never fail in winning people’s hearts! (1 Corinthians 13:4-8).


Continue to build your personal fellowship with the Father. Grow in faith, hope and love! The world needs those divine elements. Be a person who always impart faith, hope and love!


Ps. Steven Agustinus