May 6, 2018

In Eden, man accepted the Devil’s offer to become an ‘initiator’ by eating the fruit of the knowledge of good and bad (Gen 3:4-7). Exactly at that moment, man started to exhibit evil (shrewd/crafty) nature – something man never had when they lived under submission to God (as executors of His word). The word ‘naked’ (Gen 3:7) was taken from the Hebrew word ‘eyrom’, which is rooted in the word ‘aram’ which means “becoming shrewd, crafty, full of deception.”

Because man received the word of the Devil, the very nature of the Devil starts to govern over mankind. Since then, the law of sin and death is activated in the life of man and on the whole earth (Gen 3:17-19). Whatever man works on, they must now toil painfully. Even so, they will only produce thorns and thistles – however successfull a man works, they will always produce negative side effects that will hurt others and destroy happiness and positive emotions (which is supposed to be man’s portion given by God).

Since the law of sin and death worked, all creation starts to be affected. Lion starts to take sheeps and other animals as its prey; nature starts to degrade because of man’s doing; and finally, death entered earth through what Cain did to Abel. Since then, death starts to rule more and more rampantly on earth.

This law of sin and death keeps shadowing every man who lives on earth, including God’s redeemed people who still carry the pattern of this world in their mind and life. Therefore, we have no other alternative; all believers must start disciplining themselves to re-train their mind to dwell on the things of the Spirit (Rom 8:5-6, Col 3:1-4). Such is the way we start to live in the Spirit. Only through living in His Spirit could we ‘cancel’ the working power of the law of sin and death. At the same time, living in His Spirit will start to activate the working power of the law of Spirit and life.

The working power of the law of Spirit and life will be the starting point of Kingdom reality manifesting in our daily life. In His Kingdom’s reality, we will enjoy a different kind of life. Everyone else must go through all kinds of difficulties and barriers in living their daily life, but believers who live in the Spirit (activating the law of Spirit and life) are different. We will see how God will work together as a partner in whatever we do.

Take heed of what the Bible wrote in Deuteronomy 28:1-14:

a. We will be blessed in the city and in the country (in our working field)

b. Our family life will be blessed; our work will be blessed, even our pets will also enjoy God’s blessing

c. God will fight for us when the enemy tries to harass our life

d. God will command His blessings to come upon all our endeavors

e. God will set us to become His holy people

f. God will flood us with kindness

g. God will open up His overflowing treasury to be poured out over our lives

h. God will keep raising and making us as head and not tail

Truly, God privileges the life of every believer who lives in His Spirit! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus