May 8, 2018

I asked God this question when I pondered upon the Body of Christ:

“There are certain believers who seldom go to church, rarely participate in prayer meetings, and meagerly involve themselves in God’s house. However, they ‘seem’ to make achievements outside of church, and even produce impact ‘their way’, and they are ‘blessed’ extraordinarily. How could this be?”

Then, Holy Spirit started to answer my question and gave me several statements:

1. “What you pursue, you will receive”

If you pursue success, you will achieve it. If you pursue money, you will receive it. If you pursue God, you will meet Him (and become formed into His likeness).

Inclining our heart to God is our choice. God never forces someone to pursue Him all-out. Our love for God could never be forced; it is the result of our heart’s openness towards the work of the Holy Spirit which will make us realize about how big His love is for us. That’s the realization which will grow in us a divine love; it will enable us to do anything for Him without calculating our gain or loss!

2. Truly, God has set those who will become all-out to do His will in His house

It’s true that God didn’t choose everyone to be all-out in doing His will in their spiritual homes. While God desires for every church member to merge themselves completely in their spiritual house, He did not choose everyone.

Realize this: God is sovereign in choosing someone, but He will still only choose those who are willing!

3. “My pattern of commissioning never changes!”

Holy Place (Throne Room) – Appointed Place (Spiritual House) – Marketplace (Domains)

“Many people are commissioning themselves and claim that they are carrying My mandate. But I never knew those who moved outside of My pattern. This must become your conviction! Because I have set you to carry My divine pattern!

4. “Not everyone understands the divine pattern that I have set.”

Because although they have listened over and over again, they still don’t understand. Because they have their own understanding, and their heart inclines outside the spiritual house! No matter how many times they listen about the Body of Christ, they won’t understand. Except if they ask the Holy Spirit to shift their heart to inclince towards God’s house, they will never understand God’s divine pattern.

5. “My plan never changes!”

“It’s the Body of Christ which will produce true impact and create true transformation! I will never raise a ‘superhero’ to fight solo. Because its impact will be too small compared to the rise of hundreds/thousands of superheroes who assemble and inherit the same spirit, destiny and agenda!”

6. “I am serious with what I said:”

“There is no hope out there! Hope exists only within God’s house! True transformation could only start from within My house (Is 2).”

7. Everybody’s needs are different

Some needs success, some blessing, some money. But as for you, make sure that God and His plan is all you need. Because that’s our true food as new creations; His word and His will!

So, let everyone search for their own needs! Because the time will come when every believer will admit that God and His word is all they need!

8. God’s house represents the end-times ark

God won’t send another great flood. However, the word speaks about the condition of mankind in these end times that resembles the days of Noah! They are walking by this world’s system, making them chase after their own desires, not pleasing God’s heart. Without knowing, mankind have pressed the button of self-destruction, both for themselves and for this world!

Only the system and law within God’s house could save mankind from destruction. In His house, there is the work of the word, the work of the Spirit, and the divine pattern which will enable us to stand strong amid this shaking world!

Look, the world keeps shaking! Don’t stand outside the ark! Get in, and you will be saved! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus