May 9, 2018

Here are some reasons why people contribute their resources into a ministry:

1. Urged by the Holy Spirit, and after obeying it, the person continues their life as it was

2. Having a sense of belonging in the ministry

Someone’s sense of belonging could come from two sources:

a. A healthy sense of belonging that comes from sincere hearts

These are the people who give into ministry purely because they could see a need within the ministry. They feel the burden to participate, bear, and fulfill that need without any strings attached. They are simply doing their part and responsibility as a ‘son in the house’ who must help fulfill every need that arises within their house.

These people are the true ‘asset of ministry’. Blessed are the leaders who receive such people from God in their ministry (those who have a healthy sense of belonging).

b. Unhealthy sense of belonging usually comes from those whose hearts are not fully cleared from personal ambitions

Usually these people have their own unrealistic ideals, making them unable to realize it on their own. So, through supporting the ministry of God’s servants, they hope that they could get a chance to plant their own ideals and dreams into the ministry they are supporting.

Those who have an unhealthy sense of belonging may look like an ‘asset’ in a ministry, but truly, they potentially become a ‘burden of ministry’ for its leaders.

In this season, God is preparing His church to function as the ‘portal of heaven’ over cities and nations. That’s why God will give birth to many more believers who have a ‘super healthy’ sense of belonging over His church. They will function as responsible sons who are ready to fulfill whatever becomes a need in their house.

For leaders, make sure that we are the first ones who show that we are squeaky clean in finance. Until today, many ‘rich church members’ are unwilling to ‘have the right attitude’ in giving to God’s house. This is because they are yet to be fully convinced in their leader’s money management.

It’s true that until today, many leaders are not truly ‘dead’ yet when it comes to finance. When receiving financial blessing ‘a little bit more than usual’, many leaders straight away manifest a luxurious lifestyle (which is ‘buried’ so far merely because they don’t have the facility to have such lifestyle yet).

Surely, with such worldly/carnal lifestyle of leaders who are not truly ‘dead’ yet, the ‘rich church members’ will think, “Gee! If that’s what they do with a bit of more money than usual, what will happen if I give my full tithe? They might demand to fly everywhere with prestigious airlines in business class, while me myself as a businessman still use the economy class.”

Make sure that as leaders, we show more of the divine lifestyle; not liking worldly, luxurious, or celebrity-like lifestyle.

Whether we like it or not, a servant of God’s glamorous lifestyle will hurt their people’s heart – it will make them hold a certain grudge. Don’t get it wrong; I am not saying that a spiritual leader/public figure should not have a good social stature and life. What I mean is this: if our heart truly inclines towards serving others – and not to be served – we will automatically birth life values and live a life that is appropriate for a servant of God.

Make sure that we are accurate in handling our finances. Our financial accuracy and transparency will grow trust in the lives of many people – because they know where the money goes, and what result it produces. In this manner, the people could learn to give willingly and graciously. #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus