November 11, 2019

When we stay hungry and thirsty of truth, and determined to keep doing what’s right, our life will be in the ‘devil-free zone’. The enemy can’t find any opening to destroy our life. Its every attempt to make us decide and do the wrong things will always fail for sure. Because we have decided to do what’s right, and we do the right thing indeed – we have died from the love of self, money, and this world, and live for God alone (Rom 6:11, Gal 2:20).


Remember, God’s plans are plans of peace, and they will always bring a hopeful future. So, if something terrible happens in our lives, it is not from the Lord. It’s because the ‘worldly pattern’ still exists in our life, and needs to be discarded. Because if we ‘still keep the worldly pattern’, then ‘its owner’, the Devil, will surely come to destroy our lives. He will try to kill, steal, and destroy us, for he knows that we are a very dangerous people for him.


Jesus experienced the same thing. The Devil came to destroy Jesus, but he didn’t have any opening or legality to do it. Because Jesus fully belongs to the Father. There is nothing that belongs to the Devil (this world’s mold) that is kept by Jesus!


John 14:30-31 (DLNT“I will no longer speak many things with you, for the ruler of the world is coming. And he does not have anything in Me, but it is taking place in order that the world may know that I love the Father, and that just as the Father commanded Me, so I am doing. Arise, let us be going from here.”


Jesus always obeyed the Father (doing what’s right). As a result, He always live in the center of the Father’s perfect will. Jesus experienced the Father’s protection, provision, and inclusion. Wherever He walked, the Kingdom of Heaven becomes very real. Whatever He speaks surely come to pass. Everything impossible becomes possible, and what didn’t exist comes into existence. Jesus’ coming has wreaked havoc on the enemy and its work on earth. Jesus brought in the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven!


Now, God wants to use us like Jesus, and even more than Him (John 14:12). But there is a part for us to do; to make sure that the pattern of this world is no more within us, and to make sure that our life becomes His (by living only by His word and to do His will alone).


To make sure that it happens, we must aggressively dismantle every existing worldly pattern and exchange it with the divine pattern. We must go through the process of renewing of mind by meditating the word, declaring the word, praying in tongues, until we receive an understanding of the truth and our spirit is burning. This is the only way to remove this world’s mold from our lives (Romans 12, Joshua 1, Psalm 1).


The more often we do it, the more Holy Spirit will have more freedom to lead us into all truth (all our life aspects are built accurately). At the same time, we are molded by the work of God’s Word and Spirit into our true identity in Him (God’s fingerprint will be seen in our lives). This will make us a ‘valuable asset’ of the Kingdom of Heaven (we become His own). If we already become His own, then our lives will SURELY BE SAFE!


The various attempt of the Devil, sin, and death to destroy our lives will never prevail! We will SURELY finish the Father’s will until the finish line! Our lives will surely be victorious until THE HAPPY ENDING (ETERNITY on the face of this earth)! We will become witnesses that God is real, He is still working, and that God is in control. Anything else can be shaken, but the Word and us who lives in Him will stand still! The righteous will inherit the land!


Psalm 37:29 (NASBThe righteous will inherit the land and dwell in it forever.


Daniel 7:27 (TLBThen all nations under heaven and their power shall be given to the people of God; they shall rule all things forever, and all rulers shall serve and obey them.”


Let it be done upon us, in Jesus name! #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus