November 12, 2018

A man’s life could never be separated from desires – it’s something normal indeed. What’s not normal is the various desires from the flesh, sin, and crooked heart. God wants us to throw them away.

Romans 6:11 (NASB) Even so CONSIDER YOURSELVES TO BE DEAD TO SIN, but alive to God in Christ Jesus.

A dead man no longer harbors any desire, for they have no life! Even if the dead person is enticed with all their favorite things during life, they couldn’t react!

That’s how we should live every day; we could no longer express the desires of the flesh, sin, or crooked heart. Because we ‘have died’!

We have been born again by the Holy Spirit Himself. Then we should continue by meditating the word in perseverance. It will transform the unrenewed spirit of our mind, building the divine logic/the mind of Christ. Through it, our old self and its corrupt desires will never have the chance to manifest anymore.

“But aren’t we still alive?” True! But the life we now live is a different kind of life. We no longer live for ourselves, which will always be vulnerable to the voice and influence of the flesh, sin, and crooked heart’s desires. Now, we live for God alone!

Romans 6:11 (NASB) Even so consider yourselves to be dead to sin, but ALIVE TO GOD IN CHRIST JESUS.

 Alive to God means:

1. We keep looking for what He likes/desires for us to realize

We could recognize what He desires from the written word that is brought to life by the Holy Spirit. We could also know from the personal fellowship we build with Him.

For example, God never revealed His heart desire to have a home on earth. However, through David’s personal fellowship with God, he could capture the desire of God’s heart to stay close with His chosen people. From then on, David took the initiative to build a grand Temple – fit for the King – for God Himself (1 Chronicles 17:1-27)!

2. We keep opening ourselves, aligning our heart desires with His heart desires; we adopt His desires to be our own!

In our prophetic journey with God, Holy Spirit will reveal many desires of God’s heart to us. At first, we may not be interested/‘have the heart’ about it. However, now we live for Him! We must quickly open our heart so Holy Spirit could plant the Father’s desire into our heart. As a result, we start to have the same desire!

Usually, the Father’s heart desire is always tied to His PEOPLE and HOME (Mat 9:35-38, John 2:13-22).

3. Building a Christ-centered life; living as a worshipper (John 4:23-24)

Here is the essence of living every day as a worshipper:

a. Whatever we do in our daily life, do it with the awareness and motivation that it is for God (Rom 12:1, Col 3:23-24)

The Hebrew word used for “working” and “worshipping” is the same: “Avodah”. This means, even our work could become a form of our worship to God!

b. In the middle of our daily routine, we deliberately remember God and lift our thanksgiving to Him (Is 26:8-9, Col 3:17)

c. With full awareness, we do certain sacrifices as an expression of our thanksgiving and love towards Him (Gen 4:4, 8:20-21; Ex 35:21-29, 1 Sam 15:22-23, 2 Sam 23:14-17)

Starting from today, let us build the ‘life for God’ in our daily life. #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus