November 13, 2021

From last night I could sense something was going on in the spirit, there was a battle going on ‘in the mind’. The enemy is constantly trying to fill the minds of believers with things that are not of the Spirit. The only purpose is to block or close the flow of the living water that brings forth from within so that the death is actually flowing. There are negative thoughts and emotions, as well as various turmoil of life that the enemy wants to continue to divert the focus of our hearts.


Thus, believers begin to choose to pursue the necessities of daily life and various other worldly pleasures in order to fill the emptiness of God’s presence in their hearts. The Spirit emphasizes that we don’t think that shifting of focus is a normal thing! That’s not fair!


Suddenly I saw in the spirit, there was a horse being RIDDEN and the bridle was controlling it. Where the bridle was directed, there the horse would move. Even the horse was led to fight with other horses.


Realize, such is the work of the devil that is happening to many believers. WE ARE SCHEDULED AND WHIPPED BY THE HORSEMAN to pursue the necessities of life, success, and various other worldly desires. Even, we are made into conflict or enmity with others. Realize, it’s the work of the devil!


Further, I saw the horseman training the horses ‘sadistically’. Many horses were injured and eventually died. But there were also horses who managed to ‘survive’, but the look in his eyes became full of hatred and became very wild and even evil. After that the horses were led to a river to drink from the black river. Somehow, they seemed to be drinking enthusiastically, it seemed they liked the water. But I saw from the ‘drainage’ of the horses, thick blood came out!


I was really struck by this vision of how serious the conditions were. We have taken many things that happen as normal ‘dynamics of life’! Even though many people are being ridden by the devil, with the purpose that human life will be damaged and further away from God’s will.


I believe the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that is taking place will, first and foremost, set free the believers from bondage to the spirit of this world. They will refocus on doing God’s will and walk in truth, joy, and peace. So that from the life of believers will always flow a life that sets free others from the bondage of the spirits of the world.


My part right now is making sure to never take for granted the conditions and dynamics of life that surround us today. Keep speaking the Word, and live in God’s world. Allow the work of the Spirit and the Word within us to overflow and explode so as to destroy the work of the existing enemy. Realize, this is a battle in the spirit! Don’t move humanly, focus on the Word. Use it as a weapon to destroy all the slave spirits of this world.


Experience God’s Kingdom and His will reign over our lives. God will keep our lives perfectly! Keep focused on His Kingdom agenda!! Never want to live as the world offers, because that is not our world!!



Ps. Steven Agustinus


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