November 17, 2018

Philippians 3:10 (NASB) That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death

The more we align ourselves with His word, the more God will expose our heart desires. Through it, we will know the life areas we need to address.

Learn to surrender your desires into God’s hand until only one desire is left: to know Him and the power of His resurrection. At that moment, the desires of God’s heart will start to speak and influence our lives.

David has the desire to build God’s temple (1 Chronicles 17:1-15). I find that it’s the result of David’s PERSEVERANCE in removing various inaccurate DESIRES from his life. And through the increasingly intimate fellowship with the Father, David starts to receive His heart desire: to fellowship with His people on earth.

1. Have the DETERMINATION to remove inaccurate desires from our heart and mind

There are desires that could speak strongly in our heart:

-the desires of flesh (moral sin, quarrels, division, carousing, etc – Gal 5:16)

-the desires of the body (all kinds of addiction)

-the desires of the eyes

-the desires of the ears

-the desires for worldly things (success, ambitions, etc)

Have the determination to remove these desires from our heart and mind. By doing so, slowly but surely, they will start to fade from our lives.

Inaccurate desires speak into ourselves in the form of voices, thoughts, and imaginations. They are like a NOISE that has the power to influence us. If we ALLOW these desires to work in our lives, they will start to govern (take hold of) our lives.

So, make a decision: align your mind’s frequency! Speak the word! Imagine the word! Build the divine logic that WE HAVE DIED FOR SIN, and now we live for God (Romans 6:11)! By doing so, sin will truly stop governing over this mortal body of ours (Rm 6:12). That’s the time when the NOISE will start to fade and leave our mind and heart.

2. When the various noises start to fade and be silent, in the stillness of the throne room, we could start to have clarity in hearing HIS VOICE

That is the sign we have successfully set our mind to align with His word.

So, do the following:

a. Build our fellowship with Him every day in perseverance – learn to be a worshipper in our daily life through prayer and worship

b. Worship is not only in the form of spiritual routine, but also in our daily activities. If we think that we work and live our everyday life for ourselves, we must re-set our mind. Because the truth says that we must do and speak everything for God – that is our true worship (Romans 12:1)!

Colossians 3:17 (NASB) Whatever YOU DO in WORD or DEED, DO ALL IN THE NAME OF THE LORD JESUS, GIVING THANKS through Him to God the Father.

c. When we start to throw away the inaccurate desires, slowly but surely, we will start to capture the DESIRES OF GOD’S HEART. Even when at times we find it hard to understand what is in God’s heart, we have another way: capture the word that our spiritual father is releasing! Realize that the word is not merely a teaching or a sermon – it contains the dimensions that could reveal the desires of God’s heart!

Capture the desires of God’s heart through persevering in His teachings. If we do so, somehow, we can capture His heart desires faster.

At first, we may not be interested in the desires of God’s heart because we cannot relate to them. However, when we start to build a fellowship with Him, we will start to ADOPT His heart desires. That’s the moment when His desires start to become our desires. #iLoveGod

This message will be continued tomorrow…

Ps. Steven Agustinus