November 18, 2018

This is the continuation of yesterday’s message…

3. The desire to build His Temple on earth could be done in our daily life, firstly by surrendering ourselves to be built as one!

Corinthians 6:19 (NASB) Or do you not know that YOUR BODY is a TEMPLE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT who is in you, whom you have from God, and that YOU ARE NOT YOUR OWN?

When I meditated upon Romans 6:11-12, I received an illustration:

There is a house owned by someone, but is then sold and purchased by another person. After paid in full, LEGALLY, the old owner must leave the house because they have no more right to stay there.

The same goes for us. When we set our mind that we have died for sin and live for God, it means that our body is no longer owned by sin! SIN MUST LEAVE our lives!

So, don’t let sin illegally infiltrate into our house again through various desires that we don’t overcome. Now we LIVE FOR GOD! It means, we let the true owner of this house – GOD – to enter and renovate our lives according to His will; to become His holy temple!

4. When we keep growing in our spiritual house, God will lead us to capture His heart desire: the building of God’s corporate temple – the body of Christ!

God’s heart desire is not to only heal a handful of people. He desires to build a corporate life: the body of Christ!

It’s time for a great overhaul for the building of the body of Christ!

Peter 2:1-9 outlines the building steps of His Holy Temple:

a. We learn to throw away all inaccurate desires from our life (v. 1)

b. Always have the spirit of hunger and thirst towards His word (v. 2)

Have the determination to persevere in the apostles’ teaching. Have a healthy relationship with the Father every day. That’s the way to grow healthily as we should!

c. We personally experience His word; becoming doers of His word, not just hearers (v. 3)

d. Our life starts to be overhauled and rebuilt; we could experience the reality of becoming new creations (v. 4)

e. We are called to experience more than personal victories; we must start to leave individual living and MERGE with our spiritual house (v. 5)

f. Christ is the cornerstone; He is the DIVINE PATTERN in the spiritual house, not programs, and definitely not human ambitions (v. 6)

g. Those who reject (disobey) the DIVINE PATTERN will stumble, because they are not built according to the pattern (v. 7-8)

h. God has the desire to build a group of PEOPLE/nation (v. 9-10)

This talks about CORPORATE living. Zion is born from the spiritual house. Together, our life becomes a WITNESS that God is real and He is still working!

And so I pray:

Our lives will never be the same again! God will keep working and rebuilding our lives to be more and more accurate and aligned to His word! The fire of His word and Spirit will keep burning and working in our lives every day! Experience your lives being built as His holy temple! Amen! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus