November 18, 2019

When I was in prayer and worship, God suddenly opened my spiritual eyes; He showed me why people who experienced calamity, disaster or any bad event, they could have trauma, sadness, mourning or any other negative emotion for a long time.

Evidently it is because when they experience bad event or hear bad news happened to people they love, an evil spirit covers them with the atmosphere of sadness, grief, mourning or any other negative emotion; In the spirit, I saw that kind of atmosphere was like a cloth with a hoodie or a large fabric covered on the head of a person who went through the bad event. What I scared of was that hoodie or the large fabric was full of small worms that eating up the head of that person.

From that spiritual vision, Holy Spirit taught me something: any kind of mourning, sadness, disappointment – whatever it is, any kind of the manifestation of the negative emotion, has to be overcome!

If we don’t immediately overcome it, there will always be loophole for the devil to devour our live! The worms I saw in that spirit represented the work of evil which will keep going if they don’t quickly overcome the negative emotion they have. There are many believers who ‘become victims’ from grief, sadness and various negative emotion which sustain in his life! There are some people get frustrated and eventually commit a suicide, some become very weak to continue in the society, some lose their mind and ruin their lives through negative things they do as an escape of negative facts which still follow them, etc. It is a negative effect which is caused by the work of the evil spirits whom devour the mind, imagination or even emotion.

When I am writing all of these, I feel Holy Spirit draws my attention to Him and He opens my spiritual eyes to see people who are being covered by the sadness and grief start to cry out to God. When His people cry out to Him, He acts! In my spirit, I see how the glory of God is like a flash of light which shines so brightly, hit those people and amazingly they realize with the fact of the cover full with worms and throw it from their heads, quickly clean themselves from the rest of the worms or dirts on their heads.

Holy Spirit gives His Word to me: When my people cry out to Me, I will not be silent! I release My Word and Spirit to reveal any kinds of evil’s deceit over My people. I reveal my truth and my truth will give you strength to get rid of, throw away the cover of sadness or lamentation that eat up your life. I give you power to tear away and destroy the cover of sadness and grief over your life.

This is the time for My people to live in the everlasting joy which I supply through My victory on the cross! Don’t let Devil deceive you by telling it’s normal to grieve, don’t allow him devour your life by letting the spirit of sadness and grief cover your life. The longer you let sadness and grief cover your life, the faster damage, decay and any spiritual destruction come into your life! Soon rise up in the power of My Word and Spirit, remove the cover of sadness from your life and be joyful in Me!

Through Daily Devotion today, I release the power of the revelation of the Word and Spirit over reader who is reading this, now! In the name of Jesus receive the work of the power of Word revelation which revive you from any emotional adversity as a result of the deceit of evil over you! In the name of Jesus, there is new strength coming over your soul and spirit to raise you and give you strength to rip any form of sadness and grief!

In the name of Jesus, all forms of garments of mourning, I tear down and burn completely! Right now I release the spirit of victory over God’s people’s lives! Shout to the Lord and rejoice because our Father is good! He is faithful God, He is always with you, He revives you and makes you even stronger than before! The glory of Kingdom will be revealed through your life. You will be the signs and wonders in this nation! Be it happened! In the name of Jesus! #ILoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus