November 20, 2018

This is the continuation of yesterday’s message…


Our lives are still in process towards perfection. There are still many areas to be addressed and corrected by His word.

At times, people may see our inaccuracies and correct us. Sometimes, the correction is packaged in nice words. Sometimes, it is delivered in ‘spicy’ or even hurtful words. Or at times, the correction comes from someone who are below us. This is certainly uncomfortable. If we respond wrongly, we won’t become a better person; we are still inaccurate, and our heart could become harder.

The spirit of meekness will help us to be open. We don’t become easily offended, and we could become a good listener. That’s why it becomes easy for us to receive correction. We no longer become defensive (filled with excuse), moreover offensive (wanting to counterattack or take revenge).

3. We become MORE TOLERANT and PATIENT when facing irritating people and incidents

In our daily life, there is always people who speak irritating things for some reason. We could also experience uncomfortable, anger-provoking situations.

The spirit of meekness will help us to “cool down” and stay calm. When we stay CALM, we could FOCUS to ‘walk in their shoes’. We could find out the root cause of the incident or the person’s behavior. And when we found it, we could function as PEACE BRINGERS, diffusing the situation through our deeds and words. And when facing situations, we could stay CALM and THANKFUL through it all without being irritated.

4. It makes HOPE always burning in our heart

The spirit of meekness will help us to shift our focus from the current facts and condition to the end-result which we’ll receive according to God’s word and promise.

Although the facts, people and condition seem unchanging, the spirit of meekness will give us a strong HOPE. We could become fully sure that something good will happen. And that hope will function like a strong anchor – we won’t be easily swayed to and fro by anything (Heb 6:19-20).

5. We become STRONG in ENDURING our molding process until we are truly transformed

All of us surely experience God’s molding and crushing process according to His word. And I know that the process is not comfortable. But God is always close with those whose heart is crushed (Ps 34:18).

The purpose of crushing process is to transform us to become MOLDABLE, TEACHABLE and CHANGEABLE.

To become new creations, we must undergo many processes in our lives. The spirit of our mind must be reformed by the divine logic. And our lifestyle must also undergo a massive overhaul. With a meek spirit, I believe that God will strengthen us to stay in the process, so we won’t quit in a hurry.

Trust me, if we quit the process prematurely, we will never BECOME! That’s why we should always ask for the spirit of meekness to come. Let it grasp and guide our lives.

With the spirit of meekness, our lives will be transformed drastically and dramatically. Experience the work of His word and Spirit molding our lives into a new creation!

Amen! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus